Turkish Rocket in Space for the First Time with Liquid Fuel

Turk rocket for the first time in space with liquid fuel
Turk rocket for the first time in space with liquid fuel

The first space test of liquid fuel rocket engine technology, announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on August 30, was successfully carried out on October 29. Assign fully step into space with solid fuel technologies developed by national technology in 2018, Turkey has access to space for the first time liquid propellant rocket engine technology. Republic of Turkey initiated by the Presidential Defense Industry Presidency Micro Satellite Launch System Development Project (MUFs), the first prototype of the developed SR-0.1 sounding rockets by ROKETSAN, was sent into space with the liquid fuel engine technology. This successful test firing of, in addition to meeting the need precise placement of the satellite into orbit as well, was also a historic step for the start of Turkey in scientific research in space.

On the 97th anniversary of our Republic, we are one step closer to sending our own satellite into space. Another historical step was achieved in the micro-satellite studies carried out by Roketsan within the scope of the Micro Satellite Launch System Development Project (MUFS) initiated by the Defense Industry Presidency (SSB). Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the scope MUFs Project, before stepping onto the space with solid fuel technology in Turkey, for the first time also with liquid propellant rocket motor technology, today announced that access to space.

"We have once again illuminated the darkness of space"

In his speech at the Aselsan New System Introductions and Facility Openings program, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, "Now let's give good news from Roketsan" and said: "We carried our glorious flag higher during our visit to Roketsan on August 30 Victory Day and We said we were in the space league now. Here, I would like to share with you the good news that we have illuminated the darkness of space with our national technology and engineering skills on October 29 Republic Day. Satellite launch tests, which we have done with our national and local engineering capabilities, have been successfully completed. In these tests, we reached space 4 more times. With this pride in our Republic Day, we left behind an important turning point within the framework of our 2023 vision. I hope we will continue to confront our nation with good news of new successes in every field. " Erdogan, saying, "I want to share this pride with our nation, along with its images", also showed the images of the launch moment.

The first prototype of the SR-0.1 probe rocket developed by Roketsan was sent to space on October 29 with the liquid fuel engine technology developed with national technologies. While the probe rocket successfully reached an altitude of 136 km in the test shot performed; The attempt to separate the payload capsule during flight, which will enable scientific research, has also been successfully concluded. While this successful test made a major contribution to the development of liquid propellant rocket engines that were planned to meet the MUFS Development Project's need for precise orbit placement; In terms of starting Turkey's scientific work in space it was also a first. When the MUFS project conducted at Roketsan's Satellite Launch Space Systems and Advanced Technologies Research Center is finished, micro satellites of 100 kilograms and below will be able to be placed in Low Earth Orbit with a height of at least 400 kilometers. targeted micro-satellite to be launched by Turkey in 2025, few countries in the world to have a satellite launch, testing, it will have gained the ability to produce infrastructure and building bases.

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