The Restructuring Opportunity Has Started in Tax Debts

The structuring opportunity in tax debt has started
The structuring opportunity in tax debt has started

Pay attention to those who owe tax! The configuration opportunity has begun. What debts does the tax restructuring cover, when will the payments begin?

Law No. 7256 on Restructuring Some Receivables and Making Amendments to Some Laws entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette No. 17 dated 2020 November 31307.

With the said Law;

• Updating the D-PPI (Domestic Producer Price Index) rate instead of the delay increases and interests due to unpaid taxes and other debts to the tax office,

• Deletion of all tax penalties (tax loss penalty),

Deletion of 50% of the tax penalties for irregularity and special irregularity,

• Updating the D-PPI rate instead of the interests related to Motor Vehicle Tax debt,

• Updating the D-PPI rate instead of delay increases due to education and / or contribution loan debts,

• An additional 90% discount from the amount calculated at the D-PPI rate in cash payments,

• 25% discount on originals if traffic fines and other administrative fines are paid in advance,

• If the installment payment option is selected, provided that the first installment is paid on time, if the remaining installments are paid within the second installment payment period;

- An additional 50% discount from the amount calculated at the D-PPI rate,

- 12,5% ​​reduction in traffic fines and other administrative fines,

• Payment of the configured amounts in cash or in 6, 9, 12, 18 equal installments in two-month periods,

• Payment of structured debts by debit cards and credit cards of contracted banks,

• Deletion of debts whose original maturity is 31 TL or less, which is before 12/2014/100,

• Restructuring ongoing debts within the scope of Law No. 7143,

• Restructuring of debts that are suspended under Law No. 6183

such important opportunities have been brought.

To benefit from these opportunities, an application must be made until December 31, 2020.

In addition, some domestic and foreign assets (immovable in money, gold, foreign exchange, securities and other capital market instruments) If it is brought into the national economy until 30 June 2021, no tax will be collected and no tax examination will be carried out.

For the Law in question Click here.

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