Railway that prevents the development of Yeşiltepe is on the agenda

The railway that prevents the development of Yesiltepe is on the day
The railway that prevents the development of Yesiltepe is on the day

Yeşilyurt Mayor Mehmet Çınar said that the works related to the Railway, which has been on the agenda for years, disconnecting Yeşiltepe from the city and preventing the development of Yeşiltepe, are on their agenda. Underlined that there are developments in the solution of the problem that has become the bleeding wound of the region.

Noting that the project they are considering is a big project, Mayor Çınar stated that only Yesilyurt Municipality cannot solve the issue and that they dealt with the issue at the Ministry level. Çınar summarized the work done as follows. “The subject we are talking about is a very serious and big project. We talked to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Adil Karaismailoğlu, who recently visited our city. We also made observations in the station area. We have submitted our situation to our minister to put our request on the agenda. We requested that our request be put on the agenda. Here we have a bleeding wound. It is a subject that we cannot overcome. A simple pedestrian underpass was built there in the past. This has relieved some pedestrian traffic. Most of the buildings in the region are historical registered buildings built by the Germans. There are areas where people are transported their materials in a commercial sense, where there is unloading / unloading without touching those buildings.

There are many train lines in the region. Inside there are repair shops, workshops, orientation areas. There are probably over 50 side-by-side rails on the same route. These should be removed.

I assign these as a Logistics area. At the moment, the area adjacent to the Kızılay service building repair factory may be under Dilek, Yaka area or Hoca Ahmet Yesevi as the logistics center. It can be transferred to Battalgazi. Organized zone side can be used. The rails in the city are made suitable only for Passenger take off. If three or five of them are taken underground from there, the perception of Melekbaba, Kiltepe and Çarmuz will disappear at a short distance of 2-3 kilometers, and the ring road, Yeşiltepe. Also, that area was beautiful. With the Green Recreation area, a green area where people can breathe can go and express.


There should be a station in this region where only passenger trains arrive. Due to the long travel time to the current trains, people do not demand much, but when the high-speed train arrives tomorrow, the passenger circulation will increase. Consequently, this region will become more active. Then, a project that will be integrated with Yeşiltepe in the region is an important project for Malatya. A must-have project is a good project. But as I said, it is a situation that can be solved with a very high budget, multi-state investment or government policy. There are examples of this situation in other provinces. It absolutely has to be. Because the bottom of the ring road really needs service.


Stating that the suburban train application between the organized industrial zone and Battalgazi district should be used over the existing line, Mayor Çınar expressed his suggestion with the following statements. “I also have a suggestion like this. There is an existing railway from the Organized Industrial Zone to the city center. This road comes from the Organized Industrial Zone and goes to Battalgazi district. I have a suggestion that we should use the existing line from the organization to Battalgazi in urban transportation. You know, the state should never spend money on the suburban train or urban rail transport system again. For this, first of all, a new rail should be laid next to the existing rails starting from the wagon factory. If we use this line for in-city transportation on that route, both sides of the rails will be available to the city. Another issue is that there is no extra cost. " (Source: Malatyasonsöz)

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