Message of Mısra Sel, who lost her son in Çorlu Train Disaster

The message of misra selin, who lost her son in the corlu train disaster, was read on the tbmm.
The message of misra selin, who lost her son in the corlu train disaster, was read on the tbmm.

HDP MP Garo Paylan read his message to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, who lost his son Arda Sel in the Çorlu Train disaster, during the budget negotiations in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

The message Mısra Sel conveyed to the minister at the Budget meeting of the Ministry of Transport is as follows:

“It has been 864 days since the Çorlu train massacre took place. 25 people died in a state-owned institution, and we lost many of our people on the railways during this time. But we see that 25 people remained with their deaths. TCDD never took over these exponentially increasing accidents. It even promoted the people who had a share in these accidents.

Ahmet Arslan, the directors of this institution and the transport minister of the period, are the biggest responsible people of this massacre that they tried to destroy three railway workers.

Imagine a railway that infrastructure and superstructure maintenance work was not carried out, deficiencies were detected but not intervened and inspected. There is no protocol between it and meteorology. A transportation vehicle carrying hundreds of people aims to set out by looking at the weather conditions on smart phones or the sky. He fired the railway guards due to insufficient funds.

General Manager İsa ApaydınHe spoke at the SOE commission for the first time after the incident. He said that they received the weather report from an agency registered in meteorology. It's a huge lie! He told the ministers about an air measuring device installed by an agricultural enterprise in the region where the massacre took place, like an official record. Even this is a crime. Why does anyone make this statement without official basis? İsa Apaydındid not question? Did not file a criminal complaint over the lie he told?

Do you know in what environment the testimony of the person called Mümin Karasu, who is now mentioned in the massacre in TCDD, was taken? Questions to be asked in court were given in advance. He also prepared a folder of answers. Who knows what questions a court panel will ask beforehand? Moreover, do you know that Mümin Karasu, who is not a technical university graduate, also advises TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun today?

In this institution, where the merit system is ignored so much, while the rails continue to die, just the other day, Halkalı - You announced the new high-speed train project, saying that the distance between Kapıkule will be reduced to 1.5 hours. How can you plan to start a new project when 3.5 lives died on the train that this institution lacks in 25 hours? I'm asking you how right is it to get promotions and rise over deaths? How much does it fit in the conscience to ignore death in this way?

Today, TCDD did not consider it necessary to answer even the questions asked by the court committee in the ongoing investigation and continues its way as a frivolous institution. Those who aim to rise above the lost lives of 7 people, 25 of them children, and make a profit have the blood of our son Arda. There is breath that the 6-month-old Beren baby cannot get enough of. Orphans and orphans who are left without a mother and father have a morality.

The real people responsible for the Çorlu train massacre were revealed one by one with official documents. I am asking now, Mr. Minister; When justice begins to function in a real sense, will you allow TCDD General Manager to be tried? " (Source: Universal)

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