The First Phase of Okmeydanı Urban Transformation Project Completed

The first phase of okmeydani urban transformation project has been completed
The first phase of okmeydani urban transformation project has been completed

KİPTAŞ, a subsidiary of IMM, made 130 houses, including Van Blocks, ready for delivery, which has an important place in the urban transformation process in Okmeydanı. In a joint study with Beyoğlu Municipality, 80 houses will be distributed to the beneficiaries, while the remaining 50 houses will be used within the scope of stock housing in the urban transformation process.

KİPTAŞ, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), came to an end in the first phase of the Okmeydanı Urban Transformation project, which includes the Van Blocks, which was named after the earthquake that occurred in the Çaldıran district of Van in 1976. In the project, which was carried out jointly by IMM, Beyoğlu Municipality and KİPTAŞ, the demolition process of the blocks was started in June 2018, while the construction started seven months later, in January 2019. However, due to the lack of sufficient budget for the project in addition to the selection processes, there were problems in the construction process. With the initiative of KİPTAŞ and Beyoğlu Municipality, an additional financial aid decision was taken from the IMM Assembly, KİPTAŞ completed the construction with the financing provided by IMM.


The area where 80 families lived in eight blocks was taken to the risky area with the decision dated June 13, 2016. Beyoğlu Municipality, authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on 28 June 2016, signed a protocol with KİPTAŞ on 15 November 2016. While IMM, authorized according to the protocol, provided the financing of the project, Beyoğlu Municipality managed the reconciliation process in the risky area. KİPTAŞ had also paid the rent in the new homes of citizens leaving the risky area. In the project, which includes 130 residences, 80 residences will be delivered to the beneficiaries, while the remaining 50 apartments will be used as stock for urban transformation.


In the project, which was realized with the cooperation of three institutions, the residences with covered parking, arranged according to the new regulations, will be delivered to the citizens living in the risky area with a ceremony. The ceremony was attended by the President of IMM. Ekrem İmamoğlu, Beyoğlu Mayor Haydar Ali Yıldız and KİPTAŞ General Manager Ali Kurt will attend.

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