Duration of HES Code Izmirim Card Pairing has been Extended

XNUMX days additional time to match account code izmirim card
XNUMX days additional time to match account code izmirim card

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality; The duration of the HES Code-Izmirim Card matching process, which was initiated in accordance with the Ministry of Interior circular and the decision of the Izmir Governorship Provincial Hygiene Board, was extended to 30 November. In addition to the internet, citizens will be able to match them at busy transfer centers, ferry ports, activation points at Metro stations and digital information kiosks of the Metropolitan Municipality.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality; In accordance with the circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs within the scope of efforts to combat the pandemic and the decision taken by the İzmir Governorship Provincial Hygiene Board, on October 30, the application of "electronic HES Code control" in public transportation vehicles was initiated. Citizens were given a deadline until 15 November to match their Izmirim Cards with their HES codes. This period has been extended to 30 November.

How is it going to be made?

ESHOT General Directorate, which operates the smart fee collection system in Izmir, has created a special website for citizens to match their HES codes and TR ID numbers with the Izmirim Card they use. On the website at the address "hes.eshot.gov.tr", only one Izmirim Card can be paired. Personalized (with photo) or bearer all Izmirim Cards must be matched with HES codes. On the site, which is designed to be very easy to use, citizens can enter the requested information in one step and register. The exchange and updating of HES Code, Izmirim Card or personal information is also done on the same site. Apart from this, citizens will be able to match the digital information kiosks of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, subway stations, ferry ports, various service buildings and social facilities.

Mobile spots were also created

On the other hand, for citizens who do not have internet capability or who cannot perform transactions on digital channels, Bornova, Halkapınar, Çankaya, Konak, Üçyol, Göztepe and Fahrettin Altay metro stations; KarşıyakaAt Konak and Bostanlı ferry ports; Activation points were created at Konak Bahri Baba and Fahrettin Altay bus transfer centers. The computerized personnel working here will serve the citizens face to face and match the HEPP codes with Izmirim Cards.

Boarding information to the ministry

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has been sharing the boarding information of personalized İzmirim Card holders with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey every day since October 30. With the matching of the bearer Izmirim Cards with the HES codes, all boarding to the public transportation vehicles in the city will be monitored electronically. Boarding information will be shared daily with the Ministry of Health. The Ministry will identify patients or contacts who are outside while they should be in quarantine and initiate criminal proceedings.

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