Problems Experienced in Cycling in Mersin Minimize

bike friendly city myrtle
bike friendly city myrtle

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues to work rapidly in order to enable cyclists to easily ride their bicycles in the city and to minimize the problems they may experience in traffic. Taking action in line with the request from Mersin Cyclists Association, the Metropolitan Municipality supports the bicycle and its users, which is a nature and environment friendly transportation vehicle.

With the efforts of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, which works to increase the use of bicycles in Mersin and to minimize the problems experienced by cyclists in traffic, VMS digital message signs at 5 points of the city are called "Respect for Cyclists - 1,5 meters", which are universal symbols. Notice the Cyclist "warnings began to appear.

Cyclists are pointed out with messages in areas with the highest traffic

These messages are sent at 34 points in total, at the intersection of GMK Boulevard and Akbelen Boulevard, at the intersection of GMK Boulevard and Vatan Street, at the İsmet İnönü Boulevard Port Junction and at the Hilton Junction, at the Adnan Menderes Boulevard and the Orkide Café at the 5th Street intersection. included on their digital signage.

Altuntaş: "We plan for cyclists to travel more safely"

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head of Transportation Planning Branch Manager Murat Altuntaş said, “Mersin Cyclists Association President stated that deaths in different parts of our country have increased in recent years and demanded a study to be carried out in our city. We also conducted a study. We carried out an awareness study for motor vehicle drivers to notice cyclists on VMS digital signs at 5 points of the city with heavy traffic. "We plan for the drivers to travel more safely with the cyclists they use in common," he said.

A total of 2021 kilometers of bicycle path to Mersin in 100 kazanwill be called

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer's 2021 kilometers bicycle path to Mersin in 100 kazanReminding his vision for raising the road, Altuntaş said, “We put out the tender for our 18.2 kilometer bicycle path, which is the first stage, on the 24th of this month. The bicycle path that will provide an uninterrupted transportation of 18.2 kilometers to our city kazanWe plan to climb. Again in 2021, a bicycle path exceeding 100 kilometers in total will be brought to our city. kazanWe are continuing to work on it," he said.

Özener: "An application will be an example to Turkey"

Ahmet Salih Özenir, the President of Mersin Cyclists Association, stated that they made such a request due to the increase in cycling accidents recently, and that the work started to set an example for different cities. Özenir stated that they aim to spread the bicycle culture in Mersin and that more people want to use bicycles for their healthy, environmentally friendly, economic and social life.

“Mersin Metropolitan Municipality supports us in this regard. It accelerates road construction and supports it. There have been 16 thousand traffic accidents involving cyclists in the last 83 years. Again in the last 16 years, there has been a traffic accident involving more than 4 cyclists in our city. But here we do not mean that the cyclist is guilty. Generally, these traffic accidents are in the form of a rear-end hitting the cyclist. In the last 700 years, 2 citizens of our country lost their lives because of using bicycles in traffic accidents. The equivalent of this is 258 citizens of ours in the last month. We conveyed our request to the Metropolitan Municipality to display universal symbols on roadside digital signs. Thank you, Mr. President found our request on the spot. Then it was implemented immediately. An application will be an example to Turkey and we have received many positive return. "

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