Pirelli Builds Tires for Rivian, World's First Electric Pick-Up Vehicle

Pirelli produced tires for rivian, the world's first electric pick up vehicle
Pirelli produced tires for rivian, the world's first electric pick up vehicle

Electric vehicle start-up company Rivian has chosen the Pirelli Scorpion series for the highly anticipated R2021T pick-up and electric SUV R1S vehicles, which will begin production in June 1.

Pirelli has developed special versions of the Scorpion Verde All Season, Scorpion Zero All Season and Scorpion All Terrain (Pirelli's range for SUV and pick-up vehicles) to meet the technical requirements of Rivian and improve the unique characteristics of the vehicles as part of the Pirelli Perfect Fit strategy. . Accordingly, all tires developed by Pirelli for Rivian have RIV and Elect marks on the sidewall.

Pirelli's tires for electric vehicles bear the "Elect" mark. Tires play a crucial role in the safety, performance and range optimization of electric vehicles.

Pirelli tires marked "Elect" offer many advantages for electric vehicles with their various technical features. The low rolling resistance helps maximize the range of each car. Reducing noise in electric vehicles improves silence, one of the important advantages of electric driving. Pirelli's "Elect" marked tires also provide improved grip (handling) in line with the heavy demand of the transmission. Electric motors need tires that hold onto the asphalt instantly, as they generate maximum torque from the bottom of the rev range.

As a result of the joint product development work between Pirelli and Rivian for nearly two years, three special tires in 20, 21 and 22 inch sizes have been created. Among them, Scorpion Verde All Season 21-inch tires stand out with their unique size in the world, and they are presented to the sector by Pirelli with the size of 275 55R21 exclusively for Rivian.

The technical collaboration with Rivian underscores Pirelli's focus on sustainable mobility and American car brands.


The environmentally friendly “Crossover / SUV Touring” All-Season tire series developed by Pirelli for crossover, SUV and pick-up vehicle drivers is called the Scorpion Verde All Season (meaning green in Italian).

Pirelli engineers worked on a compound with a higher silica content that reduces the energy consumption of vehicles in these special version tires developed to meet Rivian's low rolling resistance targets. Then, they focused on a specific design of the mold, narrowing the tread pattern of the tires while keeping the distribution of pressure over the footprint at an optimal level. Thus, reducing the contact area between the tire surface and the ground reduced the energy waste.

Scorpion Verde All Season tires, developed by Pirelli for Rivian, are made with lighter raw materials that do not compromise durability or performance. The Scorpion Verde All Season is also available in the size 275 / 55R21 as a unique example in the industry.

Rivian-exclusive Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season tires not only increase efficiency but also help extend the range. These tires are also designed with all-seasonal capabilities such as ease of use on dry and wet surfaces, comfort and all-season grip on light snow.


Pirelli describes its environmentally friendly tires with low rolling resistance and weight with the term "Verde", while the word "Zero" certainly stands for the high performance range.

Scorpion Zero All-Season tires are designed with drivers looking for a balanced combination of all-season handling, including snow driving, with the high performance capability of sporty and performance-oriented pick-up trucks as well as powerful crossover and SUV drivers.

Pirelli has developed an even more gripping version of the Scorpion Zero All Season tires for Rivian vehicles. Focusing on the tread pattern after nano composite doughs developed to provide maximum grip and stability, the team created a special mold with a larger tread width that can provide more contact area and therefore better handling performance.

All were supposed to support longer vehicle range without sacrificing low rolling resistance targets.


Pirelli's 275 / 65R20 off-road tire, the Scorpion All Terrain Plus, was developed specifically for the R1T and R1S, taking electrical-powered adventures in mind.

Pirelli's Scorpion All Terrain Plus On- / Off-Road type tires are designed for pick-up, crossover and SUV drivers seeking a balance between road driving and uneven terrain capability. The design of Scorpion All Terrain Plus tires focused on durability, grip and wear resistance. Drawing attention with their ability to hold in snow, these tires were entitled to carry the three-hill mountain and snowflake symbol (3PMSF).

Scorpion All Terrain Plus tires are produced with a symmetrical, high-cavity mold. This pattern is designed for a smooth and quiet driving on the road, as well as an aggressive look and a confident handling on the road. Deep grooves and independent tread blocks aid the holding action needed on loose terrain, while conical stone throwing formations resist the risk of perforation by forcing small stones out of the tread pattern.

Pirelli engineers developed a tire to match Rivian's low rolling resistance targets and off-road applications for Scorpion All Terrain tires. After designing a mold to reduce weight in the developed tires, it was added to a compound dough that made these tires more resistant to cuts and tears.

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