Nostalgic Transport Vehicles Museum Opened at Karabuk University

Nostalgic transport vehicles museum opened at Karabuk University
Photo: Karabuk University

📩 06/11/2020 10:02

Karabük University (KBU) classic cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and tractors consisting of Turkey's first and only "Car Museum" opened.

The museum, which was established on the area located in the KBU Flag Area, contains many classic vehicles, from cars to motorcycles used by American police. The area also includes the F-4 fighter jet, the tram and the locomotive called the "black train". While the classical vehicles placed in the area attracted the attention of citizens and students, many people took photos with vehicles. In the area where the museum is located, there are also sculptures reminding of traditional games for children. Sculptures were placed in order not to forget traditional children's games such as leapfrog, dumplings, hopscotch, I sell oil and sell honey, and for future generations to know these games.

KBU Rector Prof. Dr. Rafik Parker, said in a statement to journalists said it was the only car museum in Turkey.

Automobile Museum in Turkey Classic Car Museum, the Railway Museum, or the Museum of Flight Helicopter Museum stated that Parker, "was the museum that is a combination of all of them. We have an old train, a tram, a plane, a helicopter, a tractor, a bus, and cars from 1980 and below. These are the nostalgic cars of the childhood of those over 50. We've all seen these vehicles on the roads somehow, we lived somehow. We gathered these together and wanted them to create a value for Karabük and Karabük Universities. " said.

Polat said that people come to the campus with their children and families in the evenings and said, “We created a joyful and peaceful area here with different vehicles. We are waiting for all our visitors from outside of Karabük and Karabük. There are currently around 40 vehicles in this area, but I guess they will exceed 100 in the near future. Because many people have vehicles in front of their ancestors and grandfathers, I think they will donate them here, there are demands in this direction. We will write their names, we will take the vehicles here. But we prefer it to be 1980 and below vehicles. " he spoke.

Somali Abdurrahman Aldullahi İshak, who studied at KBU, said, “I saw Çiçek Abbas in the movie before. So it looked familiar. It is a very nice feeling to see cars used in other countries here. "People are happy when they see the different tools and see Çiçek Abbas."

Dilek Bakır, a student of KBU Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department, stated that she saw the opening of the museum on social media. Stressing that they came to see him with his friends, Bakır said: “We are not sure whether the model is real or not. It was a very nice and nice design. It makes us proud on behalf of our school. It is very good for our past not to be forgotten because the children of our time are not aware of the games played outside. But we were touched for experiencing their last period. "

8-year-old Berin Eyşen Çetin said, “I sell meatballs, hopscotch and oil. I'm interested in astrology, I'm looking at the planets. "It can be a museum about planets." Öznur Çetin, who came to visit the vehicle museum after seeing it on social media, said, “It was a nice ambiance, vehicles we saw from most movies. I wanted him to bring my nephew and see him and it was a good project, ”he said. (Source: Karabuk University)

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