Nobody Will Be Homeless With 'One Rent One Home' Campaign in Izmir

Nobody Will Be Homeless With 'One Rent, One Home' in Izmir
Nobody Will Be Homeless With 'One Rent, One Home' in Izmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer started a new campaign to bring together the victims who need home after the earthquake and those who want to support them. Those who want to provide rent support or open their vacant homes for use will make a notification through the website created for the solidarity campaign launched under the name of "One Rent One Home". Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will bring together the demands of the citizens who are homeless and those who support the campaign.

After the earthquake that shook İzmir, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, continuing its search, rescue and aid activities, started a new solidarity campaign for the homeless. At the daily information meeting held in Izmir Transportation Center (IZUM), Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer explained the details of the "One Rent One Home" campaign.

Bronze rescued from the rubble today to speak about the President began by sharing their feelings month baby Soyer, "Thank you very much to Turkey's search and rescue team from anywhere. They are fighting extraordinarily ”he started by saying. Stating that 540 firefighters of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality work in shifts of 12 hours each, Mayor Soyer said that he is proud of all personnel.

Mayor Soyer also stated that the needs have diversified and increased, emphasizing that they are working in coordination to meet each of these needs, “It is shown an example of solidarity from both our districts, provinces, and metropolitan municipalities. We get help and support. In this sense, our staff has matured well. A well-functioning system was established. What seems to be chaos at some points is met by the effort to reach so many earthquake victims. These are very beautiful, valuable. This has to be sustainable. This is not a problem that will end in 3-5 days. We have to ensure that this support is sustainable ”.

"We are opening a new page"

Stating that they started a new campaign for those who lost their homes in the earthquake, Mayor Soyer shared the details of the project with these words: “We are opening a new page. A rent is a home. As we know, the services we provide for citizens living in tents continue to increase. But as the tent life sets in, we will have difficulties in providing comfort no matter how much we take precautions. Citizens definitely need houses that will put their heads on them. We have to somehow create a home. We have to provide this in the fastest and easiest way possible. We have prepared a very strong infrastructure hardware. This is not only for Izmir. Turkey was prepared based on an infrastructure can be implemented anywhere. We bring together those in need with those who have the power to meet this need. Just like we did in the People's Grocery and in the sleeping bag. This is the main idea. We bring people together. "

"16 people applied"

President Soyer continued his words as follows: “We put the IDs and names of the citizens whose houses have become uninhabitable and destroyed on our website. On our website, we have foreseen a price of 2 thousand lira for those who want to provide rent aid to these citizens. We determined a 5-month period for them to get through the winter. It is possible to rent a house for 10 months for 5 thousand liras. We prepared the page accordingly. Here, we have a map that includes the determinations, whatever there is to see. We worked with the need map. As of now, it seems that 16 citizens and earthquake victims have made demands. As of now, a person has committed to pay 10 thousand liras. The figure here will be 10 thousand liras. In short, our citizen who says 'I need a house' will enter the information as soon as he clicks here. We put this information on our page. As soon as our powerful citizens click on this name, they pay the 5-month fee with the money they will deposit into their IBAN account. Many residences remain empty in Izmir's summer resorts and summer resorts. We also offer options for our citizens who have a home here and want to use their home for 5 months. As long as they fill these lines, our citizens will meet with those in need. With the coordination of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, we will be able to solve the most painful problem in the fastest way. "We will save our citizens from tents as soon as possible and bring them together with a nest that will put their heads."

How can I apply?

To the website prepared by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for the campaign can be reached from. Here, there are buttons titled “I Need Home”, “I Want to Support Rent” and “I Want to Use My House” for users. Citizens who want to provide rent support process the amount of assistance and their personal information on the forms here. Homeowners who have vacant houses suitable for use can also take their place in the campaign by filling in their declaration to share their houses with the victims and other requested information. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality authorities are among the participants in order to deliver the support directly to those in need.

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