New Small Industrial Site Investment in Bilecik Starts in December

Bilecik new small industrial site investment starts in December
Bilecik new small industrial site investment starts in December

It was stated that the new small industrial site investment, which will consist of 30 shops, will start in December in the Osmaneli district of Bilecik.

Osmaneli has been a source of interest for investors recently. After the tender, Osmaneli-Yenişehir-Bursa YHT increased the demands to our district enormously. On the one hand, the need for housing, on the other hand, we encounter very intense demand for small industry that will serve large industrial companies.

As Osmaneli Municipality, we take every step in accordance with our 5-10-20-50 year targets and plans. While we manage the day in Osmaneli, we manage the future. None of our jobs are instantaneous. Osmaneli is realizing its rise and growth process with exemplary projects in every field. We work within the logic of the private sector with our managers and master staff that we have established in our municipality. With this strong staff, we make our investments by ourselves, mostly only through material tenders. We have been implementing the plans we have made for about two years to meet the demands of our small and medium-sized companies and businesses, who want to invest in our district as well as our craftsmen and traders in Osmaneli.

We start the construction of small industrial shops on an area of ​​30.000 m2 between Odöksan AŞ-TOKI Junction (Osmaneli Vocational School Junction) in December. The lessor will be able to add a mezzanine floor to our shops that will be 15X8 = 120 M2 and 6 meters high. We are making the tender of the shops with ready natural gas, electricity and water infrastructure in November. The front face of the workplaces whose tender specifications are being prepared are designed in the appearance of Osmaneli Mansions. Only administrative entrances can be made from the front facing the main road. Material entries to the workplaces will be from the back of the building. When viewed from the main road, our small industrial site will look very special with advertisements, beautiful landscaping and mansion appearance. Good luck to our small industrial site, the project of which was drawn by Osmaneli Municipality Architects and Engineers.

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