ASELSAN's National Control System to Manage National Electric Trains

National control system of aselsan will manage national electric trains
National control system of aselsan will manage national electric trains

ASELSAN ended its foreign dependency with national software and electronic solutions developed in the field of rail systems.

In the new generation trains, it stands out as advanced technology components such as the Train Control and Management System, which has a high level of safety and reliability, and the Traction System. Most of the critical technologies in rail vehicles are based on advanced power and control electronics, as well as computer and information technologies. The cost of components based on these critical technologies reaches 50 percent of the total vehicle cost.

ASELSAN, Turkey with a speed of 160 kilometers per hour with the first Cer Train Control and Management System for System developed national electric train sets. These systems, which were previously imported, reached a level that can be exported to foreign markets at the end of the development activities carried out by ASELSAN.

The Train Control and Management System functions as the “brain” that provides the central management of the train. The system has been designed to provide high security with original software, hardware and algorithms. The system developed is basically vital for the vehicle such as acceleration, deceleration (braking), stopping, door control, passenger passes and lighting.
While it controls its functions, it also manages the comfort subsystems such as air conditioning and passenger information.
Our national high-speed train, which continues to be tested with the national control system, is planned to be put into service on the Ankara-Sivas line next year.

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