Minister of National Education Selçuk: We will appoint teachers in 2021

Minister of National Education Selçuk: We will appoint teachers in 2021
Minister of National Education Selçuk: We will appoint teachers in 2021

answered. Providing information about the schools in İzmir, Selçuk said, “Among 139 mildly problematic schools BayraklıThere is not a single school in. "All kinds of measures will be taken in 139 schools, such as plaster, repair, etc." After the questions were answered, the 2021 budgets of the Ministry of National Education, the Higher Education Council, the ÖSYM Presidency, the Higher Education Quality Board and the universities were approved by the TBMM Plan and Budget Committee.

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk answered the questions of the deputies at the meetings on the budget of the Ministry at the TBMM Plan and Budget Committee.

On the question of village schools, Minister Selçuk said that as a result of the amendment made in the legislation, if there were 3-5 students, all village schools were opened and thousands of schools were opened.

In response to the question regarding the opening of private schools, Selçuk stated that it is out of question to open schools with gardens less than 500 square meters, "The regulation regarding the opening of private schools under certain conditions is waiting at the Presidency to be implemented." he spoke.

When asked about the allegations that "Education Information Network (EBA) collapsed" at the beginning of the academic year, Selçuk explained that there were two international cyber attacks during this period and that Telecom services perceived this situation as an attack because all students entered the system at once.

Ministers Selcuk, many countries that only with the issues they are responsible for sending e-mail to students, but that Turkey 3 channels established, it strengthens the EBA's infrastructure, EBA Support has established Points and students to write also voiced training. Stating that there are deficiencies despite what has been done, Selçuk said, "But if it is said that 'EBA has collapsed' as if nothing has been done, I think it is not very healthy to express a problem we have experienced as 'EBA has collapsed' due to a misunderstanding and two international cyber attacks based in Holland and America. used the expression.

When asked whether he found the resources allocated for building reinforcement sufficient in the 2021 budget, Selçuk replied: “We demolished 50 schools in August-October in İzmir. We had already emptied these schools. Only 2 out of 600 schools had cracks in their walls and plaster during the earthquake. 139 mildly troubled schools BayraklıThere is not a single school in. All kinds of measures such as plaster, repair and so on will be taken for 139 schools. Of course, allowances have been increasing in the last few years. We will complete these constructions in 2021. In 2021, we will also schedule additional investigation studies, taking into account the possibility of providing an additional budget. "

Minister Selçuk answered the question about teacher appointments and said, “Of course, we will make appointments in 2021. There is a teacher appointment in the budget. We have our efforts, efforts and initiatives regarding its high number. We will share the good news of this when we hope. " said.

Minister Selçuk continued as follows: “This year, 434 million TL has been saved in the textbooks with the changes in the legislation related to the month of book approvals and other measures. While each school bought its own fuel by opening a tender, we made an agreement with the Ministry of Energy this year and we bought the coal centrally and delivered it to the schools provided that it exceeds a certain calorie. Therefore, no school has dealt with the tender, and no school has talked about problems related to tenders, etc. We organized it as the center of Turkey and were only provides a saving of around £ 155 million from coal. "

Ministry of nearly 1 million pounds of souvenirs to be asked about reports that Minister Selcuk spend money, many successful students and teachers in Turkey drew attention to the presence. Stating that they are given gifts such as chess sets, pens and books, Selçuk said, “We distribute various gifts to children in ceremonies, visits and celebrations related to success. Otherwise, the ministry or the minister has received a gift of one million and distributed it, there is no such thing. " said.

Minister Selçuk also said the following regarding the use of closed village schools for the use of mukhtars and health centers: “If we do not need them, these are allocations to us by Milli Emlak, we do not own them, they are all allocations. We have freed all these unused buildings on the condition that they are returned to the Ministry of National Education in case of need, and they are under the control and supervision of dear governors. Every province can do this easily. As our center, we do not even need our daily follow-up on these issues, there is temporary use. There are no obstacles. "

300 million dollar loan from the World Bank

Stating that 18 thousand schools are not resistant to earthquakes, Selçuk stated that this is an exaggerated figure and that their investigations are continuing. Selçuk stated that they will give detailed information in writing about this and that the Ministry of National Education will have an expense related to the earthquake and that they are planning this.

Minister Selçuk said, “We received a long-term loan of 300 million dollars from the World Bank and that loan was implemented. Expenditure can be made. "300 million dollars will be used for the renovation and strengthening of our school buildings, provided that it is used for the earthquake." he spoke.

The 2021 budgets of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education Council, ÖSYM Presidency, Higher Education Quality Board and universities were approved in the TBMM Plan and Budget Committee.

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