Kocaeli Science Center Overpass is Counting Days to Open

Kocaeli Science Center counts as days of emergency
Kocaeli Science Center counts as days of emergency

The overpass work that will ease the transportation to Sekapark and Kocaeli Science Center has come to an end. Passengers getting off at the Science Center Tram Station stop will be able to easily cross the overpass, which will be completed in a short time.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which works intensively in all parts of the city to relieve vehicle and pedestrian traffic, has presented another work to the people of Kocaeli. kazanyelling. It is expected that the overpass work, which will make transportation much easier, will be completed soon and opened to the service of citizens. The overpass built so that citizens who come to visit the Science Center and Seka Paper Museum and passengers who will use the West terminal can pass to the Sekapark area will also serve to meet the people of the region comfortably with the beach.


The pedestrian overpass, built right next to Sekapark Station Station, is 81,75 meters long, 3,3 meters wide, has two spans and 180 tons of steel material. Elevator manufacturing continues for the disabled and citizens over 65 years of age in the pedestrian overpass. On the other hand, the production of stairs and railing is carried out in coordination.

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