5 Star Hotel of İzmir Allocated to Earthquake Survivors

5 Star Hotel of İzmir Allocated to Earthquake Survivors
5 Star Hotel of İzmir Allocated to Earthquake Survivors

📩 05/11/2020 11:12

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has accelerated its work so that the earthquake survivors of Izmir can spend the winter months comfortably, has undertaken another important work. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, said that they will open the 23,5-star hotel building, of which 5 percent belongs to the Municipality, to earthquake victims. President Soyer also called out to the deputies, demanding that each of them protect at least one household.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to heal the wounds of the earthquake. The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who held the daily information meeting at the Izmir Transportation Center (IZUM) about the post-earthquake process. Tunç Soyerannounced the decisions they took to make the lives of earthquake victims easier. The President said that he did not want the citizens to live in tents under difficult conditions due to the approaching winter season. Tunç SoyerFor this reason, we aim to solve this problem by evaluating all alternatives and using all our means. We are opening the 23,5 rooms of the 5-star hotel building, known as the Hilton, of which 380 percent belongs to our municipality, to our earthquake survivor families. We talked to Ata Holding. We are making all of these 380 rooms available to our citizens for at least 3 months. It will be used for earthquake victims starting tomorrow,” he said.

"There is an extraordinary service"

Stating that 5 days have passed since the earthquake and the work of the search and rescue teams have ended as of today, President Soyer said, “Our heart has been hit for these 5 days in the hope of the only life that will get rid of the debris. There were survivors, but we have 114 deaths. At first metropolitan, the firefighters, the team would like to thank AFAD search and rescue teams from all over Turkey. I am grateful to all of them, ”he said.

President Soyer said that they are conducting an extraordinary effort and a near-flawless organization to ensure that the citizens whose homes were destroyed continue their lives in a healthy way. Mayor Soyer stated that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has over 8 thousand personnel in the field and said, “Our citizens are living in the tents set up by us and around 786 by AFAD. We installed 200 mobile toilets and 223 shower cabins. We provide psycho-social services at 120 points. There are quilts, blankets and many more supports. I visited the wreckage and tent areas. There is an extraordinarily great service. Preparations were made to meet all the needs of our people living in tents, ”he said.

"100 months rent of a thousand 5 families will be paid"

Providing information about the campaigns launched for earthquake victims, Soyer said, “The food support received from the People's Grocery reached nearly 13 million. We receive support from 81 different points, not from 340 provinces. 10 million 180 770 thousand TL has reached to our 'one rent a home' campaign. What does this mean? We are at a point where we can pay the 100-month rent of 5 families. There is tremendous demand before 24 hours are up. We thank everyone very much ”.
Stating that there were buildings that were severely damaged, urgent demolition decisions and demolished buildings were found after the earthquake, President Soyer said, “There are 3 thousand 680 independent units. This 3 thousand 680 households mean family. This many people have no home. Therefore, our target is for 3 thousand 680 households. There is huge damage in our 4 neighborhoods. Justice, Bayraklı, Mansuroğlu and Manavkuyu ​​neighborhoods. Damage assessment studies here have been completed at the levels of 95-97 percent. After that, it will reach 4 thousand. Our target here is 4 thousand families. We are then creating a home where 662 households will be able to put their heads, with the facilities of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, ”he said.

762 households will be living spaces for earthquake victims

Explaining that they will open the residences of the Metropolitan Municipality in Uzundere for earthquake victims, Soyer said: “We have 4 blocks in Uzundere. There are 56 apartments in each. We are in a position to open 56 of them tomorrow. Minor deficiencies will be completed in 3 separate blocks. You can add 224 residences in total to 380. We will also use 58 living spaces for our earthquake victims in the Gaziemir old district terminal area. We have guaranteed the 100-month fee for one thousand 5 households. We are again in a position to use 662 houses at the disposal of our citizens. We are in a position to offer a living space for our 762 households as of today. "

White goods of 224 houses are also from the Metropolitan Municipality

Soyer also asked the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to share the list of earthquake victims with them, “We request the Ministry and AFAD. If they give us the name Bin 762, we will bring our resource to them. It won't end with that either. We will also supply the washing machine, refrigerator, stove, oven, bedstead and bed needs of our 224 residences in Uzundere residences. We are in a position to put these opportunities into use for our 762 households as of tomorrow. Our goal is to save all of our citizens, who continue their lives in 2 thousand 900 tents today, from tents and bring them together with a house that will put their heads on. We have a race against time; we want to do these before the rains begin. "The priority will be on the apartment staff."

"Our hands are not worth the money"

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, also said the following about the concerns that the money collected will be confiscated: “We, as the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, do not receive the money here. Money is not worth our hands, there is no money to confiscate. Therefore, there is nothing to prevent. We only appealed to the hearts and consciences of our citizens who had the power, and they showed magnanimity. This anxiety can go away. The buildings to be given were also examined. There is no problem with earthquake. They can be safely transported to buildings. We have no choice but to scale up this campaign. We have to find the equivalent of 4 households.”

Call to MPs

Addressing the deputies in his speech, Soyer said, “Each of them should protect at least one household. I would like to ask everyone, wherever our voices go outside of Turkey; As this winter approaches, we should not leave our citizens in tents. We have to save at least these 4 households as soon as possible," he said. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who announced that the earthquake victims who will settle in the residences of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Uzundere and Gaziemir, will not be rented for at least 1 year. Tunç SoyerHe stated that they will bring the relevant decision to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council.

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