How to Write an Excellent Resume for The First Job?


To find the first job is a difficult task for many fresh graduates and final year students. Most of the people do not understand how to craft a first job resume that highlights their skills. A quick online search about crafting a resume gives several ideas to students.

Research Samples and Keywords for Resume

The first starting point for the students is to look at the examples of resumes online. It will help you to structure your content appropriately. You will understand which type of text or information is required in the different sections of the resume. Numerous recruiters make use of the applicant tracking systems to sort and intake applications. The software shortlists the applications based on the keywords present in the resume, which are aligned with job advertisement and description. If you use the exact keywords that are mentioned in the advertisement, it is most likely that your resume will be shortlisted. If you are facing difficulty in crafting a perfect resume, you can seek help from a professional writer of A top writer will prepare your resume following the specific job requirements. It will ensure that you receive an interview call from the company.


Add Education and Skills

How to make a resume with no experience is a common query which most fresh candidates often ask. When you are looking to apply for any particular job, it is always good to include education and skills at the top portion of your resume. Structure your content in a way which grabs the recruiter’s attention. Structure your resume’s content as follows:

  • Experience, Skills, coursework
  • Achievements and Education
  • Extracurricular Activities and Volunteer Work

The organization of your content in a particular way will highlight your best features in front of the employer. Although you do not have much experience, putting your top skills first allows the recruiters to decide why you are the best candidate for the job. It is right for you to upload your resume on websites like Indeed. It will increase your chances of finding a suitable job.

Resume Objective

It is always challenging for a student to prepare the first resume. The objective statement of your resume plays a vital role in creating a good impression on the recruiter. You can summarize your relevant skills in a couple of sentences. It should fit the job requirements. It is always good to seek help from others. Your friends will find it challenging to write a resume for someone with no experience. It is often the best option to ask for support and guidance from a professional. A top resume writing service provider like Resumethatworks will prepare a perfect resume objective for you. It will grab the recruiter’s attention. The hiring manager will identify your top skills based on the objective statement.


Highlight Your Soft Skills

When you are preparing a resume with no work experience, it is best to highlight your soft skills in the resume. The soft skills are an essential part of your personality which no one can teach you. Consider putting the following soft skills on your resume:

  • Time management
  • Cooperation
  • Adaptability
  • Decision making
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Ability to handle work pressure

If you are not sure about which skills to add in your resume, you can always seek help from your friends. Adding these skills in your resume will highlight the positive aspects of your personality to the recruiter.

Technical Skills

Writing a resume with no work experience is always difficult for beginners. One thing you can do to make your resume attractive is to add certain skills required for the job. The technical skills you include in your resume will assist the recruiter in making the final hiring decision. Read the job description before adding specific skills to your document. Emphasize the skills that the job requires the candidate to have. It will set you apart from other candidates.

Prepare a Cover Letter

A cover letter is not always mandatory; it helps the company to identify the unique traits of a candidate. A well written and thoughtful cover letter provide you with an additional space to highlight your qualifications. Use the cover letter to explain your previous experiences, extracurricular activities and volunteer work. It will highlight your soft skills and technical skills which are required for a particular job. Demonstrate how you can add value to the organization through your cover letter. Make a cover letter that aligns with the company’s objectives and missions. Make a one-page cover letter which includes approximately 300 words.

Include Relevant Certifications

The education and certifications section is the most crucial section in your resume. If you do not possess any prior work experience, you need to focus on the education part. Highlight the courses in which you received high CGPA. It will show to the company how you can add value to the organization. Add relevant certifications needed for the job. It is always good for you to also go through the company’s website to understand the company’s culture.

Proofread and Edit Resume

Once you have completed your resume, read your entire content aloud. It will help you to identify the errors present in the resume. You can also take the opinion from your friend about improving the resume. The best option for you to use a free online tool like Grammarly. It will help you to autocorrect the grammatical and typography errors present in your resume. It will save you time and ensure that your finished resume does not contain any errors. Besides, check whether you have missed to include any information in your resume that are relevant to the job before you send the final resume to the recruiter review your resume and check the formatting and style. If you are a final-year student and looking for a job, it is a viable option to hire a professional. The service provider like CustomEssayOrder can create a perfect essay for you that lands you the dream essay. An expert writer understands the exact requirements of the job and how to highlight specific skills. A perfect resume which is prepared for you will help you to receive an interview call.


It is necessary for every student and working person to prepare a resume for the first job. Employers and recruiters receive millions of resumes daily, where a competitive candidate wins, who possesses relevant skills and job experience.

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