Erciyes Mountain Wore White Wedding Dress After The Snow

Erciyes Mountain wore white wedding gown after falling snow
Erciyes Mountain wore white wedding gown after falling snow

Mount Erciyes, which is one of Turkey's most important ski centers, after snow wore the white dress. The snowman, made by a business official in Erciyes, wore a mask to raise awareness in the fight against coronavirus.

Erciyes Mountain, which is the symbol of Kayseri with its summit piercing the clouds, with a height of 3 meters and an altitude of 917 meters, turned white after the falling snow.

The operators waiting excitedly to open the ski season in Erciyes built a snowman with the snowfall. Authorities put a mask on the mouth of the snowman they made to draw attention to the corona virus epidemic that affected the whole world.


Kayseri Erciyes A.Ş., founded by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, continues to announce the latest developments on Erciyes Mountain on its official social media accounts. In the last post from Kayseri Erciyes Inc., which announced that he was wearing the white wedding dress of Mount Erciyes with the snow that fell yesterday, it was stated that "The snowman, who saw the approaching of the season in Erciyes, took the masked measure". Awareness was raised by sharing "Even our snowman obeys the rules" from the official account of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality.

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