Emirates Keeps its Promise to its Passengers

Emirates keeps its promise to its passengers
Emirates keeps its promise to its passengers

Fulfilling its promise to its passengers, Emirates has undertaken a busy schedule to clear backlog claims caused by travel disruptions.

Over the seven-month period that began in April, Emirates received, verified and processed approximately 1,7 million refund requests. As a result, the company refunded its passengers in the amount of AED 6,3 billion. Of this amount, AED 4,7 billion was returned to passengers who made reservations directly with the company, while the remaining amount was refunded through travel agents.

Emirates has also changed the status of nearly 130.000 million flight coupons while managing over 4 inquiries regarding returns from its passengers and travel agency partners.

At the peak of the Emirates project, it experienced a massive increase in its team of 19 people prior to the epidemic, reaching 110 staff responsible for verification and processing of returns. The company achieved this by hiring staff from other departments to assist with the work.

Emirates Airline President Sir Tim Clark said: “In the early years of 2020, COVID-19 greatly disrupted travel around the world, leading to unprecedented amounts of refund requests in the aviation and travel industry, including Emirates. This was particularly unwilling for airlines, which were stranded by cash, as operations were drastically reduced. We have never forgotten the commitment we made to our passengers during these difficult months when we struggled with the impact of the epidemic on our activities.

“Thanks to the work of our returns and customer service teams, the support and cooperation of our business partners, and the understanding of our passengers, as Emirates, we cleared up our backlogs. Compared to the pre-epidemic period, there are still high requests for returns and flight coupon changes, but we now have the capacity to manage them within a seven-day completion period. "

Sir Tim added: “At Emirates, in addition to issuing refunds, we offer our passengers the flexibility to travel at a later date. We've also helped frequent flyers maintain their status and earn Miles. kazanWe introduced new ways to spend IP. To ensure even greater peace of mind for our continuing passengers, Emirates has introduced the industry's first free global COVID-19 insurance, implemented biosafety measures on the ground and in the air, and made the most up-to-date travel conditions easily accessible on our website.”

Emirates continues to lead the way by offering its passengers travel security and reliability.

Earlier this week, the airline announced another first in the industry, offering its passengers a free multi-risk travel insurance and COVID-1 insurance for all tickets purchased on and after December 2020, 19. In addition to COVID_19 health insurance, Emirates' new generous offer includes conditions for travel disruptions due to personal accidents during travel, winter sports coverage, loss of personal belongings and unexpected airspace closure, travel advice or warnings. Click here for more information.

Flexibility and security: Emirates' booking policies offer passengers flexibility and confidence in their travel plans. Passengers who purchase an Emirates ticket to travel on or before 31 March 2021 can enjoy generous booking conditions and options if they have to change their travel plans. Passengers have the option to change their travel dates or extend the validity of the ticket by two years. Click here for more information.

Health and safety: Emirates has implemented a comprehensive set of measures, including the distribution of free hygiene kits containing masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes to all passengers to ensure the safety of passengers and employees, both on the ground and in the air, at every step of their journey. For more information about these measures and the services available on each flight, visit: https://www.emirates.com/tr/turkish/help/your-safety/ .

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