Disinfection Mobilization in Public Transportation from Izmir Metropolitan!

Disinfection Campaign in Public Transportation from Izmir
Disinfection Campaign in Public Transportation from Izmir

All vehicles in public transportation institutions and organizations affiliated to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality are disinfected after each trip throughout the day. Buses, subway and tramway cars and ships; It is purified from viruses and microbes with water-based cleaning products that do not harm human and environmental health.

Due to the increase in coranavirus cases, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which suspended all its activities and closed its social facilities, also attaches great importance to the regular disinfection of public transportation vehicles. All buses since March, when the disease began to be seen in Turkey, ships with metro and tram carriages, cleaned every time after the end of the day both in detail; free from viruses and germs.

Metro wagons at Fahrettin Altay Station; Karşıyaka Tram cars are disinfected at Alaybey Stop and Konak Tram cars at Halkapınar Stop to the finest detail. ESHOT and İZULAŞ buses and İZDENİZ ships are also purified from head to toe after each expedition. At the end of the day, all public transportation vehicles are again cleaned and disinfected. In the studies; Both institutions and organizations' own personnel and expert personnel affiliated to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Environmental Health work.

Soyer: Let's follow the rules

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerThey are aware of the importance of cleaning and disinfection in public transportation vehicles; stressed that they showed great sensitivity in this regard. Noting that in the fight against the pandemic, health personnel and official institutions as well as citizens have a great responsibility, President Soyer said, “Unfortunately, we are back to the beginning. Moreover, this time the situation is much more serious. We all need to act with the utmost responsibility. Let's stay at home if possible. Those who have to go out should fully comply with the mask, social distance and hygiene rules.

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