Transformation Agreement Signed Between IETT and Private Public Buses

Conversion agreement signed between iett and private public buses
Conversion agreement signed between iett and private public buses

Private public bus companies serving IETT and Istanbul, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluThe “transformation” agreement was signed in the testimony of . Witnessing the revolutionary agreement for Istanbul transportation, İmamoğlu said, “We; We are people who advocate justice, service and equality. We are an administration that protects its existing rights, but has to put on the table and discuss innovations in order to provide better service to 16 million people under the conditions of the day and age. That's exactly what we did here. I hope this cooperation will set an example for different professional organizations, branches or different means of transportation. It will be a great talent for Istanbul to really integrate the system, integrate it and manage the process as a whole," he said.

IETT, affiliated to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), signed a "transformation" agreement with Private Public Bus companies. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluAt the signing ceremony held at the IPA Campus in Florya; IETT General Manager Alper Bilgili, Istanbul Transportation A.Ş. General Manager Tarık Safi, Istanbul Private Public Buses Chamber of Craftsmen President Göksel Ovacık, Mavi Marmara Transportation A.Ş. President Ramazan Gürler, Öztaş A.Ş. President Mehmet Tekin and Yeni Istanbul Public Buses Inc. Yalçın Beşir, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was present.


Expressing his gratitude to those who took part in the team that implemented the transformation of public buses project, İmamoğlu said, “I would like to explain a system that we defended from the beginning. He said: Negotiation, consultation… Whatever you call it, the desired result can be achieved when a healthy table is set up in terms of establishing dialogue ”. Saying, "We can never behave like destroying or ignoring the rights that any institution or individual has acquired from the past to the present," said İmamoğlu.

"We; We are people who defend justice, service and equality. We protect the existing rights; However, we are also a management that has to put the innovations on the table and discuss them in terms of getting better service for 16 million people under today's conditions. This is exactly what we did here. Ensuring that our public buses enter into a single system and provide services within the system should actually work for every friend who makes this investment. You have become a valid, controlled and at the same time safe part of the Istanbul transportation system. This is the first. Latter; Actually, when you look at it financially, we take risks. But the main thing is; we are signing under what we are obliged to ensure that our citizens receive the best service. Another dimension; We also contribute to the way companies and individuals who invest in private public buses manage a fair system within themselves. We have done a very valuable job together. "


Pointing out that the biggest problem of Istanbul in general is the earthquake and the first problem that he feels every day is transportation, İmamoğlu said, “We are obliged to find a solution to this process in cooperation. This includes subway investment, sea transportation; We also have buses, minibuses and taxis. If we arrange this according to the rules of the age, the developing population, the needs and demands of the new generation, the people who do this work will be satisfied with their bread. The people who manage this business are also pleased with their work, ”he said. Saying, “When my friends brought this offer to the table, I absolutely believed that it was the right system,” said İmamoğlu, “I said,“ Let's do this absolutely ”by supporting it. I don't know how much time my friends are planning, but our intention is; "To finish this job in the spring" he said.


Stating that the buses of the same color and service quality will be circulating in Istanbul after the transformation is complete, İmamoğlu said, “I believe that our esteemed managers like you, each of you, your eyes and ears, will control the system. Actually each of you; you will behave like our valuable manager, inspector. I believe in this. Therefore, we want our 16 million people to travel peacefully, safely and in accordance with all moral rules in their bus. Let us ensure this in cooperation with you. I am very happy, I wish you success. I hope this cooperation will set an example for different professional organizations, branches or different means of transportation. Really, integrating the system and managing the process as a whole will be a great capability for Istanbul, ”he said.


Speaking before the signing ceremony, IETT General Manager Bilgili said, “Today we have reached a conclusion in our project for the transformation of private public buses that we have been working on for about a year. By mutual agreement with our companies, we will sign an agreement today on the management of all buses serving in Istanbul under the roof of IETT with a flexible planning. I wish it to be beneficial both to our Istanbul and to our institution, municipality and companies ”.


Speaking after Bilgili, Istanbul Private Public Buses Chamber of Merchants Chairman Ovacık stated that they changed the 40-50-year tradition in private public bus transportation, and said, “In accordance with the agreement we have made with IMM and IETT, the fare collection system based on passenger revenue is We turn it into a fee per head. What will this gain? It will bring flexible planning to IMM and IETT, make it possible for every vehicle to go anywhere, and make it work in every way. Most importantly, what will it bring to the passenger? It will enable passengers to make quality public transportation, more reliable public transportation, we will not have to go too fast because we do not work in our own pocket, and we will not need to take too many passengers. As our president said; "We will satisfy the passengers in accordance with the slogan" We are working for 16 million ".


Ovacık said, “We have a side that we are very happy as tradesmen” and said, “My President, during the election period, 'You; You will not be affected by free transportation and discounted transportation '. Indeed, after this hour, whether it is discounted or free, regardless of the type of passenger, we will only take our money as far as we've made kilometers. We will transport the passenger in a healthier way. This is a first in Turkey. There is only such a system in Finland. Achieving this was the part of both our President and us. There were promises made again, especially during the election period; He said, 'We will protect our personal rights, we will not make you a victim'. Now, with this project, our personal rights have also been registered. Our aim is to provide quality and reliable service to the people of Istanbul. The more quality transportation we do, the more people will not get on their own vehicles and the traffic will be reduced. If we can achieve this cycle, we will make Istanbul livable ”.


IMM, President Ekrem İmamoğluHe brought together the IETT institution and its subsidiary Transportation A.Ş. with the executives of private public bus companies. Under the coordination of IETT; Nearly 30 meetings and workshops were held with tradesmen representatives, council members and lawyers. The work that has been going on for about a year has borne fruit and with the decision taken at the IMM Assembly's session last September, the private public bus system in Istanbul was abolished. With the system that radically changed the public transportation system in Istanbul, private public buses and buses belonging to subsidiary companies were united under the roof of IETT. With the decision to restructure the operating model in order to use the existing capacity of public transportation buses in the most efficient way, 1 thousand 3 private public buses and 41 Istanbul Transportation AŞ buses will be operated by IETT with a service procurement and car rental system.


In the new system, all vehicles will be equipped with a computer and tracking system. IETT will be able to monitor all buses live. With the software system "Mobiett" and "Atayol", citizens will be able to see the vehicle occupancy in advance. Problems in the vehicle will be immediately reported to the IETT fleet tracking system, and it can be intervened by connecting to the bus live. In the new generation buses, only drivers who have completed the Istanbul Transportation Academy will be able to work. A certain point system will be brought to each driver. Drivers who raise their score with citizen satisfaction, safe driving and other technical criteria will be given additional awards. Drivers who receive heavy complaints from citizens, violate traffic safety and endanger passengers will be removed from the system when they fall below a certain score.

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