Certificate of Appreciation for Clean Air in Ankara Metro

Certificate of appreciation for clean air in ankara metro
Certificate of appreciation for clean air in ankara metro

A certificate of appreciation was presented by General Manager Nihat Alkaş to the EGO personnel who made the technical arrangement of the work that enabled the Ankara Metro air conditioners to be turned on again.

As part of the coronavirus (Covid-19) measures implemented across the country, the air conditioners of the Ankara Metro were turned off on March 20, 2020. The Ankara Metro air conditioning system, which operates thanks to the circulation of the outside and inside air, was revised by EGO personnel to operate only with fresh air taken from outside and was put into use in July. Nihat Alkaş, General Manager of EGO, invited the staff of the Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, Electrical and Electronics Engineer Harun Gözüm, Technicians İlker Boran and Mehmet Bayat, and awarded them with a certificate of appreciation.

Alkaş, for this technical transformation work, which is carried out entirely by our own means and appreciated by our citizens traveling by metro in the summer months, especially Head of Department İ. Serdar Yeşilyurt, thanked the whole team. During the meeting held at Nihat Alkaş office, he emphasized the importance of the fact that this study, which concerns public health, was carried out with the EGO General Directorate's own resources and teamwork, and said that they will continue to encourage EGO personnel who carry out similar studies for R&D and innovation.

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