Covid-19 Training for Bus Terminals

Covid training for bus terminals
Covid training for bus terminals

Information studies on the Covid-19 outbreak, which has an impact all over the world, continue. In order to minimize the risk of infection, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality provided training for the Covid-19 outbreak at the bus terminals used extensively by the citizens.


Work continues against the Covid-19 epidemic that started in China and affected the whole world. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality provides trainings in order not to increase the epidemic and to minimize the risk of contamination during the controlled social life process that started after the long curfew. This time, it was given by the Health Affairs Branch Directorate of the Health and Social Services Department at the bus terminals used by the citizens.


In the training given by the education staff of the Health Affairs Branch Directorate, the measures to be taken regarding road transport were mentioned. In this context, it was stated that the rules to be followed in the vehicle regarding Covid-19 should be clearly hung, ensuring that the driver and passengers using the vehicle comply with these rules, disposable paper towels and toilet paper should be placed in the toilets and hand sanitizer should be present at the entrances.


Also possible vomiting, bleeding, etc. It was stated that in case of contamination of the surfaces with blood or body fluid due to such situations, gloves should be worn and after cleaning the dirty surface with a paper towel, it should be waited for 1 minutes by pouring 10 \ 5 diluted bleach and if possible, the windows should be opened and ventilated during the travel process.


In addition, it was stated that citizens should be more careful due to the high risk of contamination in intercity buses, trains and such terminals. It was stated that if the terminals are used, the importance of ticket sales and the use of mobile applications or credit cards, and attention should be paid to the social distance rules between passengers such as at the terminals, metro stations, platforms and so on.

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