First Step to Exports in 81 Provinces Introductory Meeting

first step to export promotion meeting in the province
first step to export promotion meeting in the province

📩 13/11/2020 15:17

Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan said, "We are launching our First Step to Export Program in 81 Provinces, which is a program that will complete all our work and projects, go directly to the field and work on a company basis." said.

Pekcan Presidential Dolmabahçe held in the Labor Office 81 in the province Export First Step In his speech at the Presentation Meeting, pointing out that this program is very specific that they began to develop Turkey's exports to increase, locally ministry to spread over the country, said the foundation in that.

As it can be understood from the name of the program, Minister Pekcan stated that they will be with them and will work with them when they take the first step to make their first exports to companies that have not yet exported in 81 provinces but have export potential, and said, “This program may be It will be the most meaningful export mobilization program ever implemented. We evaluate it this way and expect it to affect the whole country and our exports. Spreading our exports to the base has always been one of the priorities of our ministry. We are as excited and proud as our companies that are preparing to take the first step to export. he spoke.

"In October, the number of our exporters exceeded 5,8 thousand, with an increase of 43 percent compared to last year."

Pekcan stated that only 2019 percent of 403 thousand companies operating in the industrial sector exported in 8,7, and that the low rate of exporting companies in a sector such as the industrial sector, which is the heart of the economy, prompted them to do detailed work.

Stating that 70 percent of the industrial sector exports are made by large-scale companies with more than 250 employees, and micro enterprises with 10 or less employees have a 4 percent share in industrial products exports, Minister Pekcan continued as follows:

“Of course, in line with our goal of spreading exports to the base, there has been a significant increase in the number of our exporters since 2018. For the first time in 2018, the number of exporters exceeded our importers. In October, the number of our exporters exceeded 5,8 thousand, with an increase of 43 percent compared to the previous year. Considering the large population and large production capacity of our country, we aim to spread exports to as wide a base as possible and to make all our companies with export potential exporters. With this great program we are promoting today, we are making a new breakthrough in expanding our export base and making our non-exporter companies exporters. We aim for our companies to make their first exports and to ensure sustainability. "

Pekcan emphasized that many of the projects they have carried out as the Ministry so far are compatible with the goal of directly or indirectly spreading exports to the base, and said, “We launched our Virtual Trade Academy in March. In our Trade Academy, we also provided foreign trade, domestic trade and entrepreneurship training. More than 22 thousand users have benefited from these trainings so far. said.

"Making the export and trading has now become much easier in Turkey"

Minister Pekcan noted that they have put into use “”, which offers export support to companies in a user-friendly and brief manner, including the support they provide in the service sector, and that they have reached over 350 thousand users.

Pekcan stated that the ministry has digitalized its support within the support management system program, and that the ministry is now in a position to apply online, follow-up and finalize the process, without visiting the ministry, from their home, office, to any person who wants to benefit from the export state support.

“In August, we launched the Easy Export Platform for our exporters. In this project, we commissioned the Smart Export Robot. We offer market suggestions on the basis of product and sector to all our exporters with its infrastructure by using wide technological facilities such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. We will complete the second phase as soon as possible and share with you the importers in those markets. We also share all kinds of technical information, legislative information and instant field information we receive from our consultants, from the initial stage of the export to the completion of the export, on the Easy Export Platform. The platform guided nearly 2 thousand people and companies in just 70 months.

Likewise, 42 thousand people benefited from the trainings on the E-Commerce Information Platform accessible from Within the scope of our Export Academy and Women Entrepreneur Network programs, training, mentoring and network support have been provided to more than 4 entrepreneurs and entrepreneur candidates so far. All of these were activities aimed at creating technical awareness and raising awareness regarding our foreign trade. We have also completed many projects in enabling digitalization and trade in our country. These projects are done through trade and exports in Turkey has now become much easier. "

"We are launching our First Step to Export Program in 81 Cities"

Minister Pekcan said that they have made a serious breakthrough in providing information with over 40 digital services they provide to companies.

Expressing that they have seriously accelerated the quality and scope of the service they offer to exporters and entrepreneurs with export target with these projects, Pekcan said: “Today, it is a program that will work on the basis of companies by going directly to the field, completing all these works and projects. We are launching our Step Program. Thanks to our First Step to Export Program in 81 Cities, we carry the leap forward with all our energy. We will go beyond presenting information to our companies and prepare them for export in cooperation with our producers. This project will be specially prepared for the company. We will provide special consultancy services to the company.

We will reveal the needs of each company one by one and ensure that they become exporters in a continuous interaction. In a strong cooperation with our stakeholders in each city, we have created special work plans for our companies. We meet with our companies one by one to determine their needs and identify the right people who will help them overcome the obstacles to export and mentor them. The determined guides will be in constant interaction with our companies for 6 months and will open the doors of exports together with our companies. "

"At the end of 6 months, we will award the best mentor and company"

Minister Pekcan stated that, within the scope of the program preparations, they also examined the examples of countries, especially the USA, England and Ireland, which have public models that successfully implement this work.

Explaining that in general, these programs proceed in the form of creating a pool of mentors and choosing mentors by applying to these programs, Pekcan said, “We have blended the best practices of all these country examples in our own project. We do not expect companies to apply as exporters, we identify our companies from capacity reports, social insurances, and production technologies. Most of our companies do not even know that they have been detected. We will meet with these companies one by one and include them in the program. " he spoke.

Stating that they include their favorite aspects of these programs in the program while examining the best examples in the world, Pekcan said, “For example, we will give a limited number of companies to a mentor like in the USA, and we will make that company and the mentor work harder. As in the case of Ireland, there is a minimum duration of mentoring sessions, and we determined the duration of weekly sessions. We will take into account the best mentor and company match in the UK example and give the best mentor and firm award at the end of 6 months. " said.

Pekcan, Adana, Izmir, Konya, Izmir and Samsun pilot to begin their 81 Provincial Export First Step program by stating they would increase the high value-added exports to Turkey, "There is no safer From experience in exports. Local firms in our work verbatim, verbatim by analyzing their needs, support them bulunarak competence, we will export our family in Turkey give new members in various sectors. We will expand our export family. Turkey exports will continue to grow. " said.

Pekcan gave information about the program that they started piloting as the Ministry of Commerce at the First Step to Exports in 81 Provinces introductory meeting held at the Presidency Dolmabahçe Labor Office.

Stating that they have announced this important program to the public for the first time, Pekcan said that they have matured the project for a long time and have been on hold due to the pandemic for 6 months.

Pekcan said, “With the works we have carried out in 40 provinces now and will complete in 81 provinces in the coming period, we have determined one by one our companies that could not realize although they have the potential to export. We have identified 40 companies that will be potential exporters in 7 provinces. "These are our companies that cannot export even though they have the production capacity and make production suitable for export."

"We determined that 5 thousand 2 companies in 773 provinces have export potential"

Stating that they examine the features of the companies with a holistic approach, Pekcan explained that they analyzed the needs by talking to the companies.

Stating that they have identified 5 pilot provinces to implement such a comprehensive program, Pekcan said, “We start from Adana, Kahramanmaraş, Konya, Manisa and Samsun, but our goal is to carry this program with 81. In these 5 cities, there are 6 companies with capacity reports. Among these, we determined that 882 thousand 2 of our companies have export potential. We will continue our practices in 773 provinces in order to provide the best possible structure before spreading the program to a wider audience, and in these 5 provinces with our evaluations at the end of the 5th month. Later, we have prepared the work of 40 provinces basically. Then we will put forward the most successful program design in 70 and then 70 provinces. " he spoke.

Once laid the foundations for the program successfully all together with stakeholders Turkey that Pekcan transfer their receivables on the coverage, "40 in our province we have 16 thousand 570 firms with the capacity report available and we have determined that among them 7 thousand 277 firms to export, although it is potential to export to. As of now, in the second stage of the study, we identified 70 thousand 11 companies that are potential exporters for 444 provinces. We have also completed their analysis. We will quickly complete our analysis for 81 provinces. " said.

 "We will determine the road maps suitable for their needs"

Ruhsar Pekcan stated that they observed the production and export capacities of the companies, and that the companies manufacturing in 40 provinces grouped their production into 4 classes technologically.

Stating that companies producing high-tech products will be included in the pilot implementation, Pekcan mentioned the stages of the First Step to Export program in 81 provinces and said:

“We will start with the selection of companies that meet the data criteria of our program. Then we will make one-to-one needs analysis with each company. In line with these needs, we will identify the mentors suitable for the company needs. At the end of 6 months, we will evaluate the program and determine the road maps suitable for our companies in 81 provinces.

I would like to share with which criteria we have made this determination while determining the companies that will be included in the pilot application. We carried out a serious work to have a distribution that represents all our companies. We have put forward criteria such as the number of employees of our companies, the technology classification of the products they produce, their sectors, and the province they are located in. Thus, when it expands to 81, we will have progressed this project in a certain systematic way. "

 "We start the program by matching our companies with their mentors"

Minister of Trade Pekcan explained that once the companies to be included in the program are selected, the obstacles to export will be determined, the areas open for improvement will be determined and the expectations of the company from the program will be determined, and in this way they will complete the needs analysis phase.

Stating that they will have all the necessary outputs to ensure the most accurate mentor-company match within the framework of the needs analysis, Pekcan said that the most important feature that distinguishes this program from the work they have done so far is to analyze their special needs by touching each company one by one.

In the program, Pekcan stated that apart from the general and comprehensive trainings they have given so far, progress will be made by working one-on-one with each company.

“We create a private mentor pool suitable for companies through one-to-one meetings with our companies, and we start the program by matching our companies with their mentors. We will make sure that our mentors have the necessary knowledge, experience and experience, and at the end of the day, perhaps the most important criterion that affects the success of the program will be to work with the right people who are experts in their field and bring together our company, which needs in its field of expertise. Within the scope of the program, our mentors will work with our company for at least 6 hours every week for 4 months. They will be in constant interaction and overcome obstacles one by one. We plan 50 percent of these interviews face-to-face and 50 percent online. Of course, as far as the pandemic conditions allow… But we do not want to delay our project even more. "

"We will allow exemption from insurance buyer analysis fees"

Ruhsar Pekcan said that the same business can benefit from more than one mentor and that the mentors and companies will report the developments on a monthly basis to ensure the traceability of the program.

Stating that the companies participating in the program can benefit from all the opportunities offered by the Ministry of Trade, Pekcan noted that they will also have the opportunity to reach trade consultants around the world.

Pekcan continued his speech as follows: “The companies participating in the program will be able to receive information about the target countries with the 'identity routing cards' that will be specially prepared for them by getting one-to-one support from our Ministry's experts. The most accurate market shares will be made to our companies for their products in these 'identity routing cards'. Maybe we will be able to complete the 2nd phase of the Easy Export Platform within this year and even share a customer list with them.

In addition, we will be guiding our Ministry to use digital platforms in the most effective way. In addition to these, we will also have special support from Eximbank to our companies participating in the pilot implementation. First of all, a special customer representation office will be established in Eximbank for this project. We will give priority to our companies within the scope of this project in their applications for credit and insurance products. We will provide exemptions from insurance buyer analysis fees. We will prioritize insurance claims and prioritize Eximbank products for currency risk management. We believe that these facilities will guide these companies in the first step towards export. "

"The program will revive the master-apprentice relationship in exports"

Minister of Trade Pekcan stated that in the 5th month of the program, they will bring together all mentors and companies to share all their experiences and thus identify the strengths and weaknesses of the program.

At the end of the program, Pekcan stated that they will award the most successful company and mentor match by examining the country they export to, the number of companies and products they export to, whether they start exporting or not, and said:

“The First Step to Export program in 81 Provinces will revive the master-apprentice relationship in exports. Export experiences will spread among our companies. Our mentors will shed light on our companies on their export journey and we believe that the export attacks of our companies with this potential in 81 provinces of Anatolia will motivate our other companies. They will also be able to enter this portfolio. We believe that they will develop their capacities in this direction. We aim to successfully complete the pilot scheme covering 5 provinces as soon as possible and continue our way in 81 provinces.

There is no safer source in export than experience. Local firms in our work verbatim, verbatim by analyzing their needs, support them bulunarak competencies Turkey will have whole new export our family members in various industries throughout the country. We will expand our export family. Turkey exports will continue to grow. We are working to increase the production of domestic and value added products in our exports day by day. At the same time, we are working day by day to increase the share of medium and high technology in our exports. Our hand will be strengthened in line with these goals in order to bring new members to our export family. "

Set out to open the horizons of the companies

Ruhsar Pekcan, the Ministry of Commerce as to explore the company has to export yet 81 provinces, open their horizons and said they hit the road for them to make courage and guidance they need to do export, "Turkey in general, Dear as our President 'Economics as cited in the Mobilization' Export Campaign We are starting, good luck. By expanding this project with 81, we will be sharing new production and export stories that have blossomed in our provinces and districts. I hope that the export campaign will be beneficial for our country, nation and business world. " said.

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