The Second Stage in Face-to-Face Education Has Been Passed

The Second Stage in Face-to-Face Education Has Been Passed
The Second Stage in Face-to-Face Education Has Been Passed

With the decision of the Ministry of National Education, the second stage of face-to-face education has started today.

According to the decision, primary school 2nd, 3rd, 4th graders, 8th and 12th grades, high school preparatory class students and students with special needs started face-to-face education. In villages and similar sparsely populated settlements, all classes will be taught through face-to-face education in line with the decisions of the provincial sanitation boards in all grade levels of primary schools, middle schools, imam hatip secondary schools in cooperation with the provincial / district national education directorates.

The trainings starting with coronavirus measures are 1 lesson hours in total in primary school 2, 3, 4 and 8th grades and 2th grades in secondary schools, 12 days a week in imam hatip secondary schools, and 2 days a week in high school preparatory classes and 14th grades. He planned a total of 12 lesson hours.

Classes divided into groups

Era Schools Corporate Communication and Brand Director Gülçin Aşkın Çetin stated that the classes will be divided into groups according to the student size and social distance, “Each lesson will be 30 minutes, and the rest time between classes will be 10 minutes. In addition, face-to-face education activities will be held in primary schools and secondary schools on Saturdays with the governor's decision. In all pre-school education institutions, face-to-face training will be held 8 days a week and 5 activity hours a day ”.

HES code requested from students

Giving information about the coronavirus measures implemented at Era Schools, Gülçin Aşkın Çetin said, “Our schools were disinfected before the students arrived. HES code was obtained from all students and fever measurements were made. "We do not neglect to give a new mask while entering the school."

Pointing out that the first lesson of the day is hygiene education, Çetin said, "We teach all students the use of masks, hand hygiene and the rule of social distance."

Çetin stated that their classes were changed according to the social distance rule and said, “Students cannot go to the breaks as before. Classes will take a break in order to have less students in the gardens and corridors, ”he said.

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