Young People from Ordu Produced Both Electric and Solar Powered Vehicles

Young People from Ordu Produced Both Electric and Solar Powered Vehicles
Young People from Ordu Produced Both Electric and Solar Powered Vehicles

Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. The result of the importance Mehmet Hilmi Güler gave to science was revealed once again. As a result of the devoted work of young people from the army, a vehicle that works with both electric and solar energy and has an environmentalist feature was produced for the first time.

The prototype of an environmentally friendly electric vehicle produced by Ordu Yazilim Hardware Inc. (ORYAZ), the technology company of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, has emerged. Unlike its peers, the automobile, which does not have exhaust gas and does not pollute the environment, can operate with solar energy.

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, who examined the work of young people who produce electric vehicles under the leadership of ORYAZ by breaking a new ground in Ordu. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that their goal is to further develop the prototype design and start mass production. Güler stated that they can use the vehicles in tourism areas.


Mayor Güler said, “Our friends developed this electric car under amateur conditions but with the support of ORYAZ. We can use these vehicles in Boztepe, on the beach, in touristic places. Noiseless, environmentally friendly vehicle without exhaust gases. It has no air pollution problem and it also works with solar energy. Very stylish and economical to use. “It has a total capacity of 4 people including the driver and three passengers”.

Stating that the vehicle is currently in the prototype stage, Mayor Güler said, “Our friends have made a contribution themselves to our motto of the Army that thinks, produces and competes. We will develop its design further. This vehicle is a prototype. It was made by hand one by one. Now there will be a study of the patterns of this. We will use it to transport our special guests and passengers in touristic facilities, in areas closed to vehicle traffic and open to pedestrians. We encourage this work, it is a very good work. "We will work on its design a little more," he said.

Mayor Güler added that they will contribute to the employment and economy of Ordu by realizing the export of all the works they have developed within ORYAZ to the country and abroad.

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