Domestic and National Flying Car Tusi Started Test Drives

Domestic and National Flying Car Tusi Started Test Drives
Domestic and National Flying Car Tusi Started Test Drives

The domestic flying car "Tusi", named after Nasirüddin Tusi, one of the important Islamic scientists of the 13th century and developed by the Department of Mechatronics of Istanbul Gelişim University, started test drives.

With the developing technology, there are many developments that cars will travel both on land and in the air in the future. In this sense, many institutions and organizations continue to work with the technological infrastructure and reveal examples. Istanbul University Mechatronics Development Department to keep pace with global developments and also to support the national flying car technology is still working in Turkey for many years. The flying car Tusi, which first met with technology lovers in 2019 at TEKNOFEST and was greatly appreciated, started test drives this year as well. The vehicle, which successfully completed the indoor test drives, made an open area test drive at Başakşehir Şehit Erdem Özçelik Stadium. Saying that they will continue all the necessary studies for the vehicle after the test drives, Mechatronics Department Lecturer Umut Us said, "We will start more ambitious flight tests after our trials."


Providing detailed information about Tusi and also being an R&D Engineer at the University's Technology Transfer Office, Umut Us said, “The vehicle is currently built on a hexacopter infrastructure with 6 motors and its current weight is 100 kg and it can travel a person of 80 kg. In terms of flight range, it has a range of 30 kilometers in the air and 160 kilometers on land. It is powered by electricity and can fly for 2-2.30 minutes with a thrust value of approximately 180 kg after a charging of 8-9 hours. Currently, our test flights take place around 10 meters. When we exceed a certain limit, the wind resistance in the air is activated. Since it is the first prototype, I can say enough for us. When we take these as a basis, we achieve the results we want, ”he said.


Us also said that they are very pleased with the support provided by the university and said, “Thanks to the innovative approach of our university, we are working on many projects with our teammates and we have come this far. In fact, the design process of our flying car project started in 2018. After exiting various production stages, it came to the testing stages. We actually conducted our indoor test flights. We also conducted various studies on our open air test flights. As of today, I can say that we will perform a much more assertive flight test ”.


Lastly, Us said, “We are not doing the flying car project just to say that we have done it, it is a project we do for the future. We are planning to make this realizable with various investments in the future and we really want to make our flying car a travelable structure by getting a person inside. As you now know, transporting people in accordance with the Civil Aviation Rules is a difficult and troublesome process. That's why we do our tests by placing them in a weight of 80 kilos, ”he said.

The university stating that the tests conducted that satisfied with driving while Trustees Chairman Abdulkadir zealous, "as Turkey in flying car technology to be in a country that holds power will continue to work," he said.

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