Renewed Çubuk 1 Dam to Open on 29 October

Renewed Çubuk 1 Dam to Open on 29 October
Renewed Çubuk 1 Dam to Open on 29 October

The Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş, revives the historical symbols of the capital and brings them to light. Çubuk 1 Dam, which is the first dam of the Republic period and has been closed for use for many years, counts the days for opening with its new appearance. Mayor Yavaş, who made observations in Çubuk 1 Dam, to follow the ongoing feverish works before the opening, will reunite Çubuk 1 Dam with the people of Başkent on 29 October Republic Day with the dam lake cleaned from bottom to bottom, Atatürk Mansion and extensive landscaping. The opening will be followed live on ABB TV and social media accounts due to the pandemic.

Çubuk 1 Dam, which has an important place among the symbol places of the capital and known as the first dam of the Republic period, counts the days to meet the people of the Capital with its renewed recreation area.

Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş, who works hard to carry the historical symbols of Ankara to future generations, will open the Çubuk 1 Dam Recreation Area, which has been completely restored and landscaped, on October 29 Republic Day. The opening will be followed live on ABB TV and social media accounts due to the pandemic.


Before the opening, Mayor Yavaş made on-site inspections in order to follow the feverish works in Çubuk 1 Dam. Sharing information about the works on his social media accounts, Mayor Yavaş said, “We said that we will raise Çubuk 1 Dam and protect Atatürk's legacy. We keep our promises, we are excited. On October 29, we will bring you our opening live on ABB TV. "No value of our Ankara will be left to its fate anymore."


The Metropolitan Municipality has spent a lot of work to restore Çubuk 1 Dam, which has been inactive and idle for many years, and to build a dam worthy of Ankara.

Mayor Yavaş, who examined the on-site works in Çubuk 1 Dam, received information from the authorities in the historical dam, which counts days for the opening. Çubuk 1 Dam was renovated from top to bottom, from the landscaping to the Atatürk Pavilion, with the work carried out in coordination with the Department of Environmental Protection and Control, the Department of Natural Affairs, the Department of Urban Aesthetics, the General Directorate of ASKI and ANFA.

While the renovation works made in the Atatürk Mansion, which was used by Atatürk, are completed, the historical paintings of that period will be displayed in the mansion and will be opened to the visitors.


The bottom mud was cleaned first by the metropolitan teams due to the bad odors rising in Çubuk 1 Dam and its surroundings.

Metropolitan Municipality saved approximately 400 thousand TL by using mainly physical methods (drying) in cleaning works. While the face of Çubuk 1 Dam Lake, which is also used as a recreation area, changed after the cleaning works; Environmental pollution and bad odor have been eliminated in Çubuk Basin, which includes Kamil Ocak, Şevkat, Hasköy, Officer Houses, Güçlü Kaya, Kalaba, Gümüşdere Basınevleri, Dam, Solfasol, Güneşevler and Doğu Districts.


Çubuk-413 Dam, which has an area of ​​approximately 1 thousand square meters, has been restored with the extensive maintenance and landscaping work carried out by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for a long time.

Çubuk 1 Dam, which will be re-opened by Mayor Yavaş for recreation and recreation purposes; With its nature, picnic areas, walking paths and playgrounds, it will be one of the largest open green areas for Başkent people to spend time with their families.


The Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk planned to build a dam in Ankara and its surroundings to eliminate drought, great fires and water shortages; Accordingly, it was decided to build a dam on a strait on Çubuk Stream Valley, 12 km north of the city, and the first survey studies started in 1926.

The first concrete foundation of the dam, the project of which was completed in 1928 and the tender was realized in 1929, was laid in 1932 with the efforts of Turkish engineers and workers, and the dam was put into service in 1936. The Lake Casino, designed by the French architect Théodore Leveau, was built between 1937-1938 in the dam area, which was opened despite great financial difficulties; In the same years, a mansion was built by Atatürk on the dam ridges and the surrounding of the dam was afforested. Thus, Çubuk 1 Dam has turned into a symbol of abundance, entertainment and recreation area for Ankara residents for many years. Due to the pollution of Çubuk Stream and the filling of the dam basin with alluvium, the water accumulation in the dam has been stopped since 1994, and with the demolition of several facilities, including the lake casino, the dam lost its value for the use of the people of Ankara.

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