New Hyundai i20 Launched for Sale with Prices Starting From 158.500 TL

Completely Renewed Hyundai i20 Comes From 158.500 TL
Completely Renewed Hyundai i20 Comes From 158.500 TL

The automotive industry with models produced in Turkey and at the same time contributing to the national economy of Hyundai Assan, has added a new model to the range of products of high quality and comfortable. The new i20, which started production at the end of August, it was offered for sale in Turkey carried out the launch.

One of the most admired models in the B segment, the i20 has come a long way in terms of both design and technology since its first introduction. First introduced in 2008 and the Hyundai i2010, which started production in Turkey since 20, the long-term guarantee with a variety of engine options and always offered significant advantages.

The third generation i20, which has been completely renewed with the theme of "Emotional Sportiness", the brand's new design philosophy, stands out not only with its design and advanced technology, but also with its increasing dimensions and innovative power packs. The i20, which is frequently mentioned in all markets where it is offered for sale, is considered as one of the most important references of the small class in our country.

The Hyundai i20 brings a number of changes with the completely renewed model. While the diesel engine is not included in the new model, this time, with its 1.0 liter turbocharged engine, it is the first time to switch to a 48-volt mild hybrid version. In this way, while achieving a very low fuel consumption, sufficient performance is also provided.

A brand new design, a brand new character

Hyundai i20 comes with an unusual design, demonstrating the brand's dependence on Emotional Sportiness design philosophy. The purpose of this design philosophy is to create an emotional bond between the car and its user, as the name suggests. Another criterion is to move away from mediocrity with the distinctive new look that Hyundai emphasizes in its new generation models. Thus, the new i20 gives a stylish character to its dynamic looking front and rear bumpers as well as the new radiator grille.

The new i20 differs at first glance with its new headlight assembly. LED headlights and rear lights highlight the striking and original design of the i20, while lensed fog lights and triangular ventilation ducts form the power theme in the front section. With its wedge-shaped daytime running lights and diamond-style front grille, the i20 draws attention with its design integrity, while the characteristic C-pillar is ideally extended with its shoulder line rising backwards.

On the side, a very attractive appearance is offered with a bold character line and unique C-pillar design. This hard and protruding line makes the car feel active even when it is standing still and adds a great meaning in terms of athletic stance. Another highlight of the design is the rear section in Z form. This connection between the C pillar and the tailgate is also supported by Z-shaped stop lamps. Dynamic proportions increase the width and sportiness of the car, while at the same time maximizing visibility.

The length of the new i20 has been increased by 5 mm to 4.040 mm, and the wheelbase has been increased by 10 mm to 2.580 mm. With a width of 1.775 mm, the i41 expands by 20 mm compared to the second generation, and offers an additional shoulder width of 30 mm in the front row and 40 mm in the rear row. Also, rear legroom increases by 27 mm to reach 882 mm. The trunk volume of the vehicle, which has a 24 mm lower roof line due to its sporty design philosophy, has increased by 51 liters to 352 liters. The rear seats, which can be folded as needed, offer a total volume of 1.165 liters when folded down.

Offering 17 different color combinations with the black roof color option to its users, the elegant 20-inch wheels on the new i17 are another detail that increases the sportiness and dynamism. These wheels, which vary according to the level of equipment, stand out as one of the biggest architects of the design difference in Hyundai models.

Spacious interior that makes a difference

The interior of the new i20, which attracts attention with a number of improvements, allows the time spent in the vehicle to be of higher quality. While creating a new and attractive look in the cabin, Hyundai designers sought innovative, aesthetic and technical solutions to reflect the stylish proportions of the seating area.

The interior looks much more attractive than ever, while reminiscent of an artwork by a master sculptor. One of the highlights of the design is the horizontal lines that cover the high and driver-focused instrument panel. This feature makes the front look slippery and wide, giving it an extraordinary look.

The doors of the new i20 embrace the instrument cluster in an elegant and emotional manner, inspired by the shapes found in nature. While this special structure of the doors blends perfectly with the dashboard section, it continues to be supported by equipment such as a refined steering wheel and modern digital displays. The new upholstery used and the color accents in the cabin also match the other materials in the interior. In addition, thanks to the new blue LED ambient light technology, pleasant interior lighting is offered at night. The four-spoke sports steering wheel, which is also used in higher-class Hyundai models, carries traces of autonomous vehicles and motor sports. The wireless smartphone mirroring function, which is offered for the first time in the segment, increases the practicality when supported by wireless charging.

The BOSE sound system in the new i20 is another striking feature. The internal amplifier system with a digital sound processor is offered with 8 speakers. This acoustic arrangement, which appeals to all passengers in the vehicle, together with the front center and rear subwoofer, allows a better quality of music.

While the new i20 is being developed, the technological equipment and modern lines in the interior are themed in a way that pushes the limits of the segment. Pedal design, top-of-the-line twin 10,25-inch screens, mid-range 8-inch touchscreen, driver-oriented cockpit design, blue ambient lighting, integrated lines of the front vents and door trims are the most distinctive details that distinguish the i20 from the previous generation. .

Apart from that, Hyundai Smart Sense active safety features are also included in the i20. In addition to systems that actively intervene in driving such as front collision assistance and lane tracking assistant, support systems such as driver fatigue warning and high beam assistant are also provided for safety. The system, which warns the movement of the vehicle in front when stopped at traffic lights, also prevents traffic disruption. In addition, rear passenger / luggage warning is presented for the first time in the segment. The hastily forgotten items or pets in the back seat are reminded to the driver. In this way, misfortunes such as possible theft or similar sad events are prevented.

New engines coming with the new platform

The i20 model, produced by Hyundai in its izmit factory, comes with a BC3 case code and a brand new platform. This platform, specially developed for the model, is made of extra-strength steel for a more rigid and more dynamic drive. This solid steel, produced by Hyundai, is more resistant to torsion and possible bending in accidents. The new i20, whose connection and source points have been developed, thus aims to be one of the most reliable models in its class.

According to the second generation, Hyundai has also preferred to renew its power packages. The previously used 1.4-liter 100 PS atmospheric engine, this time can be preferred with a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. The 6-speed automatic transmission provides up to 2014 percent less fuel consumption than the 2020-speed automatic version in the second generation (between 4-9). Turbocharged 1.0-liter gasoline engine can be preferred with a 7-speed DCT transmission, while the most important feature added is the 48V mild hybrid system.

This engine has a 0,4kW 48 Volt Lithium-Ion battery. This battery is located in the spare wheel pool of the vehicle and the system used drives the belt system with a 12kW hybrid generator. The 48V hybrid system in the vehicle drives the belt during the first non-starter start, allowing the engine to reach the ideal pre-combustion position. Thus, it is possible to disengage the engine earlier, to turn it on at a higher speed, to float by idling the engine or turning it off. This system, which consumes up to 1.0 percent less fuel compared to a normal 10 liter turbo engine, is a first in the B segment.

Hyundai New i20 has a total of 6 different equipment levels, three main (Jump, Style, Elite) and three option packages (Style Plus, Design, Elite Plus). The common purpose of these options, which can meet the needs according to all kinds of usage features, is to offer maximum comfort and practicality.

Ickkyun Oh: We produced more than 2 million vehicles in Izmit

Hyundai Assan Chairman Ickkyun Oh mentioned some important points in his speech at the press conference of the new model. Oh, “As the first production facility of Hyundai Motor Company in overseas countries, we have been manufacturing at our Hyundai Assan Izmit Factory for 23 years. We have downloaded more than 2 million vehicles from our bands so far. I10 and i20 models we currently produce up to our Turkey and Europe, we export all over the world, especially the Middle East and Africa, "he said.

Words related to new model releases with the ongoing Ickky Oh, "Today, we completed the development phase and is ready to go to Turkey, we are proud to introduce the third generation i20'y the road. Furthermore, I believe it will contribute greatly to the New i20'n to Turkey and Korea's economic development and strong friendship. We are proud that the two countries have successfully completed this project despite the process, ”he said.

Our innovations will not be limited to these two models.

Hyundai Assan President Ickkyun Oh also included statements that would be considered very important for the sector in his speech. “Our new vehicles will be introduced shortly. The model that excites us the most will of course be the B-SUV. We will start the production of this vehicle, which is developed on the platform of the new i20, in March 2021. We will only produce for the entire region, including Europe, this gadget is primarily up to Turkey will be the third model in our production line. We kindly ask you a little more time to explain its name and details. However, with the features we have prepared keeping in the forefront of the market, Turkey, the Turkish consumer demands and expectations of a tool that we believe will be able to answer all its aspects ".

“Also, as you know, we provide the body and infrastructure of the i20 WRC competing in the World Rally Championship. Thanks to the experience gained from our vehicle racing in the championship, our performance cars are being prepared. In this direction, we will produce our new i20 N and N Line models as of February 2021. Thus, the total investment amount of the new i20 project will also exceed 171 million Euros ”.

Murat Berkel: Hyundai i20 is well-liked in Turkey

Hyundai Assan General Manager Murat Berkel said the following about the new model they have introduced to the market. "From the day we started production in Turkey so far produce the highest quantity and we export our model i20 was again the highest criteria. In addition, we managed to reach a high sales figure of approximately 160 thousand units in the domestic market ”.

"Turkish consumers still here to produce three generations of models i20 is one of his favorite tools and contribute to Turkey's economy makes us extremely proud. We aim to meet the expectations of our customers at the highest level with our new design language that blends body structure, design and technology by maximizing emotional values. Because we offer in Turkey by producing new i20'y still sold in this country in the best way. We believe that the new i20 will ignite the excitement of Turkish consumers as well. For this reason, we set our slogan as “Rediscover Your Excitement” ”.

With the new i20, our goals are as high as ever. We aim to sell in Turkey in this direction in the last quarter of the i5 20 thousand. Our goal is to bring the i20 back to where it belongs, to the top of the B-segment ”.

The prices of the new i20 start from 158 thousand 500 TL and go up to 231 thousand TL depending on the equipment with the engine option.

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