Produced 800 Thousand People in Turkey Playing Mobile Games

Produced 800 Thousand People in Turkey Playing Mobile Games
Produced 800 Thousand People in Turkey Playing Mobile Games

Mobile games developed by Turkish developers attract more attention than the world average. Only when we look at each game via the Android mobile game statistics produced in Turkey, the average downloaded 800 thousand times. This number is almost twice the global average of 423 thousand.

Turkey game market, the average is on track to achieve $ 1 billion in revenue each year. More than half of this revenue is generated by mobile games. The Turkish mobile game industry reaches more than 30 million local and hundreds of millions of foreign players. Downloading on Google Play and published by 759 thousand 470 people as the average mobile games developed in Turkey.

There are 2 thousand 584 Turkish game developers on Google Play

When only Google Play statistics are examined, it is seen that 169 thousand 137 of 2 thousand 854 game developers are Turkish developers. Considering that only Turkish addresses are taken into account in this statistic, it is thought that this number is much higher. Turkish games attract attention not only in number but also with the liking of the users. On the global average, mobile games score 5 out of 3,70 stars, while the star average of games produced by Turkish developers is 3,91.

Turkey will grow with the support of the gaming industry

IFASTURK Education R&D and Support Founder Mesut Şenel stated that according to Google Play statistics, only 3 percent of the games of Turkish developers are paid, “Approximately 87 percent of the games in the Turkish mobile game market contain advertisements. That's a higher value than the entire world, where 73 percent of games have ads. 28% of Turkish developers are money kazanIt uses in-app payments. This is above the world average. The gaming industry has a huge potential. In the coming years, we will see that this sector will accelerate with the 'Computer Game-Mobile Application Development Support' initiated by the Ministry of Commerce for game and application initiatives. As IFASTURK, we will continue to support entrepreneurs to create their own brands and benefit from incentives and consultancy services. More entrepreneurs are needed to increase the share of the gaming industry in the country's economy.” said.

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