Turkey Aviation fifth country that's Fastest Recovery

Turkey Aviation fifth country that's Fastest Recovery
Turkey Aviation fifth country that's Fastest Recovery

Partial recovery has begun in the tourism and entertainment industries, one of the sectors most affected by COVID-19, which has affected the whole world.

Recovery is published by MasterCard Insights: Travel Check-In accordance with the report that the rapid recovery of the aviation industry was the 5th country Turkey

The COVID-2020 epidemic, which emerged at the beginning of 19 and spread rapidly around the world, has also significantly affected the tourism and entertainment industry due to practices such as travel ban, physical isolation and quarantine. According to the data of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the number of international travelers decreased by 7 percent in the first 65 months of the year, while the revenues from tourism worldwide decreased by 460 billion dollars.

Mastercard, the leader of payment systems that keeps the pulse of global trade, examines the recovery in the tourism and entertainment sectors with its Recovery Insights: Travel Check-In report. According to the report, which includes spending in places such as restaurants and cafes, as well as sectors such as aviation and accommodation, Europe has taken the lead due to the advantage of regional travel. In some countries with a large geography and crowded population, especially in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC), the recovery came from domestic flights. While global flights played an important role in the recovery of the aviation industry of China and Russia, regional flights were effective in Brazil and India.

While China and Russia drew attention as the countries where aviation was recovering rapidly, India and Brazil took the eighth and ninth place. Turkey is still sourced from domestic large geography and especially experienced the fastest recovery with the impact of aviation on the flight from Europe was the fifth country.


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