Turkish Land Forces Has Used HAVELSAN EVRAKA EBY System

Turkish Land Forces Has Used HAVELSAN EVRAKA EBY System
Turkish Land Forces Has Used HAVELSAN EVRAKA EBY System

EVRAKA, an electronic management system product developed by HAVELSAN, was put into use at the Land Forces Command.

EVRAKA, the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) product developed by HAVELSAN, started to be used in the Land Forces Command. With its electronic signature support and compliance with TS13298 Electronic Document and Archive Management Standards, EVRAKA; digitizes document processes from end to end. The system is expected to provide great convenience within the scope of document works. HAVELSAN EVRAKA, with over 300 thousand users, has a user-friendly interface. The system, which offers a dynamic work flow and reporting service, has an experienced support team.



DOCUMENTSenables institutions to produce documents in accordance with internal directives and regulations and to manage all processes from production to liquidation; Web-based, easily configurable, electronic and mobile signature supported is an electronic document and document management system.

Having adopted the principles of "Efficient and efficient use of resources" and "Environmental awareness" as one of its corporate values HAVELSAN, with all domestic and national facilities in order to transfer all paper-based business processes to a digital environment and to ensure easy, fast and secure document sharing. DOCUMENTShas developed.

DOCUMENT, With a traceable and traceable document flow depending on the authorization level transparency, infrastructures and advanced authorization capabilities security and reducing paper usage with digitalized document processes environmental awareness is a system that provides.

Benefits of DOCUMENTS

    • Contribution to knowledge management
    • Contribution to corporate memory accumulation
    • Save time and paper
    • Compliance with standards and directives (TS13298, Military Directives, Official Correspondence, e-signature)
    • Secure document management with authorization management, e-signature, encryption and logging
    • Quick access to the document
    • Institutionalization through standardization of processes
    • Sign documents mobile
    • Archiving Track changes with version control
    • Monitoring the work flow and approval processes
    • Power of attorney management
    • Transfer of physical archive to electronic environment
    • Document exchange between institutions with e-correspondence
    • Strong integration support

Source: defenceturk

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