The Greatest Teacher Training Project in Turkish Education History

The Greatest Teacher Training Project in Turkish Education History
The Greatest Teacher Training Project in Turkish Education History

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said that a course program was prepared for teachers to develop design and management skills in distance education processes and that they aim for all teachers to receive this training in 2021.

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk introduced the professional development program prepared for teachers in subjects such as developing skills for “student-student”, “student-teacher”, “student-material” interactions in distance education, and preparing interactive digital content, at the MEB Principal Teacher Hall. He presented his certificates to the teachers who completed the “Training Course on Developing Design and Management Skills in Distance Education Processes in the Context of Inclusive Education of Teachers” via live links. In his speech here, Selçuk pointed out that technology is changing rapidly and said, "We see our work in cooperation with UNICEF as an opportunity for the world to reflect the speed in technology on the teacher profession and to develop these skills in the context of distance education during the epidemic period." said.

Selçuk pointed out that no teacher can finish his / her profession as they started, and that there is a need for constant renewal and transformation, and said that they are trying to identify the needs and do what is necessary to meet this transformation need. Underlining that they will continue to offer new contents, tools and equipment to the service of teachers and students, Selçuk said, “What I see when I look at the big picture; We are doing the biggest teacher education work in the history of Turkish education. This is really important. Because there is a really big teacher education move, both in terms of distance education and teacher education, and the fact that it has spread to the capillaries at the level of provinces and districts makes me happy. made its evaluation.

In this context, Selçuk stated that they are not limited to in-service training for teachers, but also continue to work such as EBA, TRT EBA, and said, “Meanwhile, the efforts of our teachers who try to feed the school and support children with great devotion are really admirable and without decreasing their motivation. they continue their efforts without distributing them. " he spoke.

Minister Selçuk gave the following information about the work carried out in cooperation with UNICEF: “In our work with UNICEF, we discussed what can be done at the point where design is integrated with technology and development of management skills. Approximately 150 thousand of our teachers have received this training and we aim to have all of our teachers received this training in 2021. We will add new layers on top of that.

With the "V-factory" application, our teachers will be able to carry out many functions such as writing code, presenting interactive environments to students, preparing homework, sharing, and they will be able to enrich their lessons and make their education more effective. Thus, we will have a distance in developing interest and motivation in online processes. Of course, what is essential for us is face-to-face training, and we continue to strive for face-to-face training to be implemented as soon as possible under epidemic conditions and health conditions. In this effort, we have moved to a second phase this week, and our teachers' uncompromising enthusiasm and constant efforts are our greatest support. Together, we will shoulder this and do our best to ensure that the children of this country are not deprived of education. "

"The biggest investment is in the teacher"

Stating that the biggest investment is the investment made in teachers, Minister Selçuk said, “Every investment we make in teachers is an investment in the future of this country and the future of our children. Therefore, I can easily say that our investment in teachers will increase exponentially. All these tools, materials, software, educational environments are all but all for our children to receive a more qualified education, to make our teachers happy and to make their work easier. " used the expressions. Congratulating the teachers who attended the training, Selçuk said that they are after new projects and new good news on this subject. Underlining that the day-to-day changes and needs in this direction should be taken into account, Selçuk said, "Thus, we will ensure the progress of these applications that do not know time and distance." said.

"Until the end of this year, 300 thousand teachers will be trained"

Adnan Boyacı, General Manager of Teacher Training and Development, stated that they have reached a capacity of more than 2018 million in vocational education for teachers with the system that was established in 1. Stating that the project, which was initiated with UNICEF to empower teachers in digitalization, aimed to support teachers' skills in live lessons with distance education during the Kovid-19 outbreak, Boyacı stated that the project has three main components.

Stating that the role of the teacher does not change in essence in on-line education platforms in distance education and training, but the communication axes they establish with the student have changed, Boyacı said, “First of all, we asked the following question, how will the students' motivation in distance education be? For example, students are placed physically in the classroom, I wonder how will the physical layout plans be reflected in the teaching in the online environment? For example, how will our students attend the class? This is our first component. In other words, we tried to convey the dimensions of classroom management that differ from the traditional environment as much as possible and to provide our teachers with skills in this regard. " said.

Drawing attention to the fact that there are 3 interactions in classrooms, namely “student-student”, “student-teacher” and “student-material” interactions, Boyacı said that a skill set has been prepared to establish these 3 interactions more effectively in distance education environments. Boyacı stated that as the second component, teachers are working towards more effective use of EBA as a teaching platform.

Explaining that supporting the opportunity to prepare digital material in distance education for teachers, whose number is 1 million, is the third component, Boyacı emphasized that efforts are made to prepare digital teaching materials for each branch. Stating that a skill set has been prepared for the effective use of the "V-factory" software within the scope of the project, Boyacı noted that trainings for 300 thousand teachers will be opened by the end of this year.

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