Tüdemsaş Lodgings Becoming Shopping Malls?

Tüdemsaş Lodgings Becoming Shopping Malls?
Tüdemsaş Lodgings Becoming Shopping Malls?

Tüdemsaş lodgings on İstasyon Caddesi, which is the most popular area of ​​Sivas, have started to occupy the agenda for a while in the city.

In recent years, while it was considered to be taken from TCDD, Sivas Governorship, Special Administration or Municipality to bring it to the city and the economy of the city, this situation was shelved with various initiatives.

After some meetings and correspondence, it was deemed appropriate for tenants to continue to live until the end of this year.

It is not yet clear whether the residences will be evacuated by the tenants at the end of this year.

General Manager in the past period İsa Apaydın The sale of this place was temporarily suspended after negotiations with him.

While the General Directorate of TCDD demands a price of around 20 million for the housing, it is also among the allegations that the buyers find this price very high.

While it is known that the lodgings do not belong to Tüdemsaş, this is the General Directorate of Infrastructure under TCDD ... So the situation is a matter of buying and selling from one pocket of the state to another ... In this case, it is said that the costs and values ​​given should not matter much when considering the city.

Although it was said that "Sivas High Speed ​​Train will reach October 29" as promised before, it is almost certain that this will not happen. With the high speed train coming to Sivas, it is believed that this place should not remain as a lodging anymore and should be arranged in a way that will contribute to the city economically.

At the end of the year, if the parties mutually discuss the issue and agree, it is thought that the Regional Manager Atanur Karadağ, who recently moved to his new residence, will not welcome this situation. (Source: Big Sivas News)

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  1. It would be wrong if the lodgings or the place would be sold for rent .lojmans should be given to employees who are suitable for their job from TCDD personnel. For example, to the technical staff of the wagon working shift. train officers should be given .. former Tdemsan officials come and go like officers to work .. Most of them have houses. Even all officials who are in good financial situation in the region or who are not invited to work outside of working hours should not be visited,