Artificial Intelligence to Solve the Traffic in the Back to School Period

Artificial Intelligence to Solve the Traffic in the Back to School Period
Artificial Intelligence to Solve the Traffic in the Back to School Period

According to the decision taken by the Ministry of Education, face-to-face education starts for certain classes on October 12. In the process of returning to school, where traffic will also be on the agenda in big cities with more vehicles on the road, smart traffic systems can help manage traffic flow and improve the quality of life.

During the pandemic period, while digitalized communication processes such as remote working and distance education continued, returning to school reminded the traffic, especially in metropolitan cities. While the big city traffic, which caused a waste of time and negatively affected the quality of life by triggering stress, was an issue that authoritarians also tried to find a solution, remote operations alleviated this difficulty.

Educational institutions, which will partially reopen their doors on October 12 in our country, will bring along the traffic debates in densely populated cities by including more transportation vehicles in traffic. However, the developing technology contains formulas that can be a solution to the traffic problem that has become a deadlock for both authorities and citizens.

Traffic flow is managed with artificial intelligence that analyzes traffic behavior

With the introduction of IoT (Internet of Things) technology, internet-connected devices now talk to each other, data is made available and data gains meaning with artificial intelligence. Technologies, which also form the basis of smart cities and play a key role in improving the quality of life of many leading metropolises and megacities in the world today, provide the opportunity to obtain meaningful information to benefit traffic flow management.

Smart city solutions such as Ekin Intelligent Traffic System transform everyday cities into smart cities by analyzing city-specific traffic patterns and behaviors, such as the number and type of vehicles in traffic, congested points on the road, traffic rush hours and regions with traffic stops, with the help of artificial intelligence and high-definition video surveillance. Thanks to the data that has become meaningful with artificial intelligence, city administrations can implement different applications from bringing solutions to traffic, managing resources better and realizing correct planning.

Smart traffic solutions are essential to improve the quality of life in big cities

Urbanization has become a trend globally. According to a study by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 2030% of the world's population will live in urban areas by 60. This points to us that more megacities will emerge in the future, and that if smart city infrastructure is not built, more problems may arise as a result.

With the smart traffic operation, which is at a critical point among the smart city solutions that promise a more livable future, the areas where the traffic is jammed can be detected and the optimization of the routes can be achieved with artificial intelligence analysis. This makes it possible to save time on routine daily routes, for example. Smart traffic solutions, which take a proactive role in preventing traffic accidents, help to shorten the response time by warning in possible accident situations.

Stating that the most important feature of smart traffic solutions such as Ekin Smart Traffic is helping the transition to environmental sustainability and less exhaust consumption, Akif Ekin, Chairman of the Board of Ekin Smart City Solutions, said: We are making a contribution, ”he says.“ Intelligent traffic solutions replace traditional traffic solutions that have lost their function, making it possible to make roads safer and stress-free. Smart cities enable people to use their time efficiently by making their lives easier and cities to be livable and workable. Thanks to smart cities, we will be able to leave sustainable cities to our future generations. "

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