Tofaş Exports Engineering to the World

Tofaş Exports Engineering to the World
Tofaş Exports Engineering to the World

Tofas in Turkey have launched a global product with an important role in the project's R & D center is performing significantly engineering exports. As with Fiat Doblo, Fiorino and Egea models, Tofaş R&D engineers play an active role in product development projects of FCA's models produced in different regions of the world, as well as final product development. While the responsibility undertaken by Tofaş R&D in the engineering studies within Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) continues to increase; In 2019, 115 engineers of Tofaş R&D took part in FCA's global engineering studies. In 2020, this number will increase to 200.

Turkey's only automotive plant produces commercial vehicles, both passenger Tofas, engineering exports are doing with more than 25 years history of R & D centers. Tofaş R&D, which has played an important role in the product development studies of models such as Doblo, Fiorino and finally Egea, which have contributed significantly to the exports of the country, also assumes responsibility in the engineering studies of many different models in the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) world. In Tofaş R&D, which continues to increase its efforts in this scope, 2019 engineers took part in FCA's global engineering studies in 115, while this number is planned to reach 2020 people in 200.

In this success of Tofaş, which has the second largest R&D Center of FCA after Italy in the EMEA Region, the RAM branded version of Fiat Doblo, which was commissioned in 2014 with an investment of 360 million dollars for the North American and Canadian markets, is ProMaster City. and the management of the product development process of the Egea model family, which was launched in 2015 with an investment of $ 1 billion, played a major role. As of 2018, the scope of Tofaş's successful engineering efforts further expanded when Tofaş R&D engineers took responsibility for the product development and commissioning stages of FCA's models produced in different regions of the world.

"We opened up to the world with global projects"

Giving information on the subject, Tofaş CEO Cengiz Eroldu said, “Undertaking the international responsibility of all or parts of an automobile requires both an appropriate infrastructure and competent engineering. Turkey has achieved many firsts in the Tofas automotive industry; It has the knowledge and all the necessary competencies to meet all these capabilities. In recent years, we have opened up to the world not only in terms of products but also in engineering, with our successful projects such as Doblo, Fiorino and Egea, where we have played important roles from engineering design to market launch. Behind these achievements are the importance we attach to R&D and the investments we have made. Approximately 15 employees work in our center, where we spent 1,6 billion Euros on R&D in the last 500 years ”.

"We contribute to the national economy with engineering exports as well as final products"

Cengiz Eroldu added that the engineering achievements of Tofaş have gained an important place in the FCA world over time, “Our R&D, which closely follows automotive technologies and has the competence to develop vehicles from scratch, has important responsibilities in FCA's models that will be produced and marketed in many parts of the world. taking. Thanks to these external project activities we have carried out, we gain the appreciation of our stakeholders in the FCA world, and we are proud to contribute to the national economy with engineering exports as well as final products. On the other hand, we are pleased to carry the competence and success of Turkish engineers to the world with different projects. " used the expressions.

Tofaş R&D signature at many stages from engineering design to prototype, virtual / physical verification.

Tofaş R&D assumes responsibility in many different areas such as designs for components and systems for different projects in the FCA world, virtual / physical verifications, prototypes for bench and road tests. Having significant knowledge in the fields of body and electronic engineering, Tofaş R&D takes important steps towards becoming an engineering export center for global product projects.


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