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Turkish Products Will Reach World Markets Easier With Logistics Centers
Turkish Products Will Reach World Markets Easier With Logistics Centers

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan made evaluations regarding the logistics centers to be established abroad.

Emphasizing that exporters aim to increase the efficiency of their supply and distribution chains and ensure that export products are delivered to new markets in the most efficient way, Pekcan said that in this context, creating the necessary infrastructure facilities to increase export performance in important markets is among the priorities of the Ministry.

Stating that they are working towards the establishment of logistics centers (YDLM) abroad in line with this goal, Pekcan reminded that the "Decision on Supporting Foreign Logistics Centers" was published in the Official Gazette on October 14th.

In accordance with the aforementioned Decree, the establishment, investment including informatics, license and permit expenses to be realized by the cooperation organizations for the activation of YDLM, 5 million dollars, the rent, commission and usage expenses of the units they opened, 3 million dollars per year, advertising, promotion and marketing activities, consultancy services. Pekcan stated that the expenses for purchasing and employment expenses can be supported annually for 700 thousand dollars, and that 100 thousand dollars will be provided annually for logistics expenses such as customs clearance, inventory management and storage of the users who will be located in these centers.

Pointing out that the logistics centers covered by the Ministry will be supported for 5 years, Pekcan stated that those with an average capacity utilization rate of at least 3 percent in the last 50 years will be given an additional period of up to 5 years, and the total support period cannot exceed 10 years.

It will be established in strategic regions, will increase the competitive power

Explaining that YDLMs are aimed to consist of areas that offer services such as storage, loading and unloading, handling, shipping, load consolidation and division related to Turkish export products, Pekcan continued as follows:

“We plan to establish international logistics centers in strategic regions in Africa, America, Europe, Russia and the Far East, aiming to deliver Turkish products to foreign markets in the fastest and most cost-effective way. With logistics centers, Turkish products will be able to reach new markets more easily.

Turkey will improve competitiveness in international markets will play a central task of our distribution centers and these centers will be provided with sustainable export growth for the region in question. We will establish the logistics centers, which we aim to establish as soon as possible, in a way that can serve in line with the demands and needs of our exporters. "

will also contribute to e-commerce

Stating that the basis of a successful e-commerce strategy is to provide an effective logistics service as well as competitive prices, Pekcan said that logistics also plays a key role in strategic pricing and customer satisfaction for e-commerce.

Pekcan said, “In this context, it is envisaged to provide services and support in many logistics-related issues that Turkish e-commerce initiatives may need in logistics centers planned to be established abroad.

In addition, YDLMs will play an important role in increasing the logistics capabilities and capabilities of e-commerce initiatives, whose share in global trade is rapidly increasing, and transforming them into successful investments. In this respect, YDLMs will also play an important role in the development and acceleration of our country's e-exports with digitalized solutions. " found the assessment.

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