The Second Başkent Market Opened in Mamak Şafaktepe

The Second Başkent Market Opened in Mamak Şafaktepe
The Second Başkent Market Opened in Mamak Şafaktepe

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who has implemented rural development projects one after another, is increasing the number of Başkent Market, where it brings together the people of Başkent and local producers. The second of the Başkent Market, the first of which was put into service in Etimesgut, where the products of women's cooperatives and local unions were offered for sale, was opened in Mamak Şafaktepe.

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, continues to contribute to the economy of domestic producers with projects that support rural development in the capital.

Mayor Yavaş, who brought the first Başkent Market, which was described as one of the biggest dreams of President Yavaş, with the people of the Başkent in Etimesgut district on April 29, opened the second Başkent Market in Mamak Şafaktepe, upon the intense demand from the citizens.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which delivers natural products produced by local unions and women's cooperatives to consumers without intermediaries, aims to spread the Başkent Markets, which it opened within the Halk Ekmek Fabrikası, all over Ankara.

General Manager of Halk Ekmek, at Şafaktepe Mahallesi Mamak Caddesi No: 59 / B. Citizens showed great interest in Başkent Market, which was opened by Hüseyin Velioğlu.


Halk Ekmek, which buys the products of local producers in the Başkent from pickles to meat, vegetables and fruits to personal care products, will bring its own products together with the people of Başkent Market at Başkent Market, which it has opened with its cafeteria in Mamak Şafaktepe.

Başkent Market, which is more popular with its new concept and gets full marks from the citizens, also prevents unfair competition with grocery stores and small tradesmen.


Stating that they aim to contribute to the country's economy by supporting rural development and especially the development of women's cooperatives, Halk Ekmek General Manager Dr. Hüseyin Velioğlu attended the opening of Şafaktepe Başkent Market and made the following evaluations:

“We opened our second market in Mamak Şafaktepe, within the scope of the slogan from producer to consumer initiated by our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Mr. Mansur Yavaş, for the development of rural Ankara. 2 unions and 2 cooperatives, all of the products are domestic production of Ankara. We offer 13 items of healthy, high quality and first-class foods produced by cooperatives to the people of Ankara. We are not rivals to markets and tradesmen. We want to bring the farmer's goods together with the consumer and develop the Ankara countryside. "

Stating that they will increase the number of Başkent Market, which citizens show great interest and love to consume their products, to 6 in a couple of months, Velioğlu said:

“We made purchases of approximately 5 million TL from our cooperatives. We push from cooperatives to further increase employment. The area of ​​Başkent Market, which is put into service in Şafaktepe, is quite large. Since this area is 700 square meters, it included the cafeteria concept. Thus, we included the products produced by Halk Ekmek. The citizen will be able to come, eat, drink, rest and go shopping. We will prevent Ankara residents from consuming expensive vegetables and fruits by selling fruits and vegetables. "


Stating that they are happy to see the products they produce on the shelves of Başkent Market, women cooperative presidents and producers operating in the districts of Ankara thanked Mayor Yavaş for his support with the following words:

  • Chairman of the Board of Polatlı Anatolian Bacıları Women's Cooperative, İklime Yaşar: “We have been producing wraps and baklava for 4 years. Başkent Market has been instrumental in introducing ourselves and spreading our products to more masses. These are products that people will consume with peace of mind. The more we produce, the stronger we are, the more encouraged we become and set an example for other women's cooperatives. Thank you very much to Mansur President who noticed us. We are very pleased that it brings all women's cooperatives together and opens the door to employment for us. "
  • Ayşe Porat, Director of Çubuk Agricultural Development Women's Cooperative: “We are a newly established cooperative for 3 months. We have şebit yufka, marmalade and breakfast paste. We are very happy to meet Başkent Market. This project of Mansur President has become a lifeline for us. "
  • Afşar Balam Women's Initiative Production and Management Cooperative President Dr. Figen Ar: “We make our productions with a minimum carbon footprint and zero waste principle. We get our electricity from solar energy. We also make vermicompost from our waste and use it again in agriculture. We produce everything produced in a kitchen. Başkent Markets have undertaken a very important mission in our country. Rural women reflect their labor to the economy. our women money kazanarak gets a social life. We would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality and Mansur Mayor very much.”
  • Güdül Fengere Woman Hand Agricultural Development Cooperative President Bahriye Süer: “We established this cooperative so that women can breathe. We produce various products for Başkent Market. The establishment of Başkent Market has benefited us a lot in terms of both promoting our district and creating a business area for women. I would like to thank Mayor Mansur Yavaş for initiating this project. "
  • Elif Yılmaz, Head of Kızılcahamam Wild Obası Cooperative: “Together with our 12 founders, we have been producing food for 1 year. At Başkent Market, we are trying to deliver shabits, noodles and tarhanas from producers to consumers with the power of women. Due to the pandemic, women's working power has doubled. Women living at home have thus found job opportunities and work diligently. Therefore, we are very happy and thank you. "
  • Nuray Seymen, President of Kalecik Hanımeli Women's Cooperative: “We produce our Kalecik region products and give them to Başkent Market. Our products include noodles, Kalecik grape molasses, Kalecik black grape leaves, and 4 types of vinegar. We continue to work by increasing our capacity day by day. I thank everyone who contributed to women. "

Kibar Soyulmaz, one of the citizens who came to Şafaktepe Başkent Market to shop on the first day, stated that he liked the market very much with its modern style and said, “I thank Mansur Mayor for bringing this service to Mamak region. I follow Mansur President's projects closely and congratulate him. It is very nice to have access to natural products through Başkent Market ”.

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