Underpass Colored With Forest Pictures

Underpass Colored With Forest Pictures
Underpass Colored With Forest Pictures

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which increases the comfort of the road with the projects it has implemented in transportation, contributes to the aesthetic enrichment of the city with its painting applications. In this context, Ormanya-themed painting was applied at the underpass near the entrance of Ormanya.


The Department of Reconstruction and Urban Planning Department of Historical Places and Urban Aesthetics carried out painting application work on both sides of the underpass used to reach the Wildlife Park Ormanya in Kartepe Uzuntarla. In the painting application drawn by professional painters, Ormanya themes were used as the subject.


The Directorate of Historical Places and Urban Aesthetics deals with the issues affecting the history, culture and social life of the region where painting is practiced in many parts of Kocaeli. While historical and cultural objects in many regions were the subject of painting, the objects in Ormanya were discussed in this underpass, which is close to the entrance of Ormanya. Citizens who saw the painting application work while passing through the underpass used for transportation to the natural life park stated that the painting work is very pleasant and adds a beautiful aesthetic to the underpass.


Within the scope of "My Beautiful City Kocaeli Project" carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality, painting applications are carried out on the wall floors of squares, boulevards, bridges and streets throughout the province. With the painting applications drawn by professional painters, important areas of the city are enriched aesthetically.

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