Suzuki Swift In The Markets With Smart Hybrid Technology

Suzuki Swift In The Markets With Smart Hybrid Technology
Suzuki Swift In The Markets With Smart Hybrid Technology

Suzuki Swift hybrid version of the product offered for sale in Turkey's most popular model of the family.

Suzuki Swift Hybrid is at the forefront of the hybrid cars world with its Suzuki Smart Hybrid Technology. In this context, the integrated starter alternator (ISG), which is used to support the internal combustion engine and reduce emissions, is activated during start-up, during take-off and when torque is needed. Thus, compared to the gasoline-powered Swift, the Swift Hybrid provides more than 20% fuel savings in urban use; It brings the advantages of reducing exhaust waste and being more affordable than plug-in technology. Swift Hybrid; While GL Techno and GLX are offered for sale in our country with their premium equipment levels; It attracts attention with its outstanding features such as LED headlights and LED taillight group, 16-inch alloy wheels, 9-inch touchscreen multimedia system and navigation, LCD road information display, keyless start system and dual color options. Third-generation Swift Hybrid Suzuki 2020 V commissioned under renovation for the 12 model year, enriching the hardware level, superior security features, technological features and 216 thousand 900 Turkey's best-equipped hybrid stands out as the car with starting from £ advantageous prices.

Suzuki aims to make the difference between a hybrid version of the Swift model with the most popular hybrid car model in Turkey. The Swift Hybrid, the version of the third generation Swift, which hit the road in 2017 and has sold over 119 thousand units in 745 countries to date, has been launched as part of the 2020 model year renewal. The Suzuki Swift Hybrid represents the latest in the automobile world, aiming to give the driver a completely new experience through evolution and innovation. Swift Hybrid, which has the most advanced technology and superior hardware features in its class; 1.2-liter K12D Dualjet engine and battery on the 12V power, GL Techno and GLX Premium trim levels, advanced safety features and 216 thousand 900 TL Starting at advantageous prices with Turkey's best-equipped hybrid stands out in that car.

Suzuki Swift's smart hybrid technology!

Swift Hybrid; It is equipped with Suzuki Smart Hybrid Technology (SHVS), known as mild hybrid, which has many advantages over plug-in hybrid technology. The large battery group and electric motor in plug-in hybrid cars take their place in Suzuki Swift Hybrid; With an integrated starter alternator (ISG) that supports the internal combustion engine, it leaves a 12-volt lithium-ion battery that does not require plug charging. The new lithium-ion battery, whose capacity has been increased from 3Ah to 10Ah to increase energy recovery efficiency, and the self-charging hybrid system further increase fuel efficiency. The system is activated during cranking, during take-off and when torque is needed, through the ISG unit, which acts as an integrated starter alternator on the vehicle. The ISG functions as both a generator and a starter and is connected to the engine with a belt. Supporting the engine during the first movement and acceleration, ISG also converts the mechanical energy generated at the moment of braking into electrical energy. The energy generated during braking is stored in a 12 Volt battery. The ISG unit supports the Dualjet engine with its 50 Nm torque value, generates 2,3 kW of power, and the components of the system add only 6,2 kg to the total weight of the vehicle.

Under the hood of the Swift Hybrid is a four-cylinder 2-liter K1,2D Dualjet engine that offers greater fuel economy and lower CO12 emissions. The engine, which produces 83 PS power, offers 2.800 Nm torque at 107 rpm, thanks to the CVT transmission with which it is combined. The CVT gearbox can smoothly change the gear ratio from low speed to high speed, continuously and steplessly, depending on driving conditions. The engine includes innovative solutions such as a new dual injection system, variable valve timing (VVT), variable oil pump and electric piston cooling jets. Despite its effective performance and high throttle response, the K12D Dualjet engine; According to the NEDC norm, it achieves only 94 g / km CO2 emission value and an average of 100 liters of combined fuel consumption per 4,1 kilometers in the city, providing 20 percent fuel savings compared to its equivalents. Swift Hybrid; It reaches 12,2 kilometers of acceleration in 100 seconds.

Strong design, sporty structure

The Swift Hybrid, which reveals original dimensions with its 3845 mm length, draws attention with its low and wide design, rounded lines and sporty compact model structure. The model, renewed for 2020, also preserves the characteristic elements of Swift, such as the strong shoulder line, vertically positioned front and rear stop lamp design. While modern LED headlights, renewed front honeycomb and fender increase the sportiness of the vehicle, the lowered height maximizes the driving pleasure. Thanks to the new generation chassis platform HEARTECT, the Suzuki Swift Hybrid has a curb weight of only 935 kg and offers advantages such as strength, high resistance, better performance and low fuel consumption. In addition, the MacPherson type front and torsion beam rear suspension, which provides driving stability, the direct response steering system and the minimum turning radius of 4,8 meters, which provides an advantage over its competitors, increase the vehicle balance and comfort. In addition, Swift Hybrid offers a wide range of colors with alternative dual colors. Within the scope of the dual colors that will be offered at GLX hardware level; There are options in Fire Red Metallic with black roof and Racing Blue Metallic with black roof, as well as Orange Metallic with black roof and Metallic Yellow with silver roof. The exterior styling of the Swift Hybrid is complemented by 16-inch alloy wheels.

Rich hardware options

The Swift Hybrid welcomes its users with its very comfortable interior and cockpit that brings technology together with entertainment. While the round lines stand out in the stylish cockpit, the D-shaped steering wheel, which enhances driving pleasure, is located in the arm section with paddles that can change gear manually. On the LCD road information screen on both hardware levels, functions such as average fuel consumption, average speed, driving G-force, rear parking sensor and acceleration-brake function can be monitored. Swift Hybrid's fun high-resolution 9-inch touchscreen multimedia system includes functions such as navigation, smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth, USB input, radio and steering wheel control. Swift Hybrid's GL Techno hardware level includes LCD road information display, automatic headlights and height adjustment, 9-inch touchscreen multimedia screen and navigation, 16-inch alloy wheels and LED headlights and LED tail lamp group as standard. In the GLX Premium equipment level, in addition, the keyless start system, automatic air conditioning, steering wheel gear change, 16-inch glossy alloy wheels, and automatic folding side mirrors are standard.

Advanced security technologies

Swift Hybrid includes all the security elements that users and passengers may need. The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system combines cruise control with radar to make driving smoother and more relaxing. The system uses radar to measure the distance to the vehicle ahead and automatically adjusts its speed to maintain its distance. In both the lower and upper versions of Swift Hybrid; Dual Sensor Brake Assist System (DSBS), Lane Keeping System (LDWS), lane change warning, yaw warning, Reverse Traffic Warning System (RCTA), Traffic Sign Recognition System (TSR), Blind Spot Warning System (BSM), Adaptive Speed Stabilization (ACC) and High Beam Assist (HBA) are offered as standard.


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