In Sur Yapı Antalya Project, Delivery of 900 More Apartments Started

In Sur Yapı Antalya Project, Delivery of 900 More Apartments Started
In Sur Yapı Antalya Project, Delivery of 900 More Apartments Started

Sur Yapı, the company with the largest portfolio of the private sector, completed the turnkey delivery of 8 apartments in the Park Stage, the first phase of the Antalya Project, which was realized with an investment of 660 billion TL in Antalya, and life began.

Sur Yapı plans to deliver 900 more flats in parcels E and D until the end of the year in Antalya Project, and then deliver the parcels F, C and B in the specified periods. A total of 8 thousand residences are being built simultaneously with the Sur Cadde and Turkuaz Sitesi stages of the mega project.

In addition to 660 apartments, delivery of 900 apartments has started in the Park Stage

Turkey, as well as all over the world exemplary sector, both domestic and abroad numerous prestigious prizes awarded in Antalya Sur Construction Project of 660 apartments were delivered in June and began life. In the Park Phase, the first phase of the project, a total of 900 flats will have met their owners, with 1.560 more flats delivered by the end of the year.

Work continues rapidly in Sur Cadde

Sur Street, which is included in the Sur Yapı Antalya Project, becomes the commercial and life center of Sur Yapı Antalya with its street concept, modern architecture, cafe-restaurants and residences suitable for both apartment and office use. It is expected that the daily foot movement in Sur Cadde, which appeals to every taste and need from shopping to art, from fashion to finance, will be 100 thousand, 3 million monthly and 36 million annually. In Sur Cadde, which is located in the second stage, construction is progressing rapidly, the rough construction has reached the level of 60. When completed, Sur Cadde, which will bring together a similar one of Istiklal Street in Istanbul with Antalya residents, will also include a tram line on the street where many social and cultural activities will take place in addition to commercial areas, offices and apartments. Antalya's new Champs-Elysées will be Sur Cadde.

Turkuaz Sitesi is also advancing rapidly

The construction of the highly anticipated Turkuaz site of the Sur Yapı Antalya Project, which consists of 1.105 independent sections, is also continuing rapidly. Rough construction has reached level 45. All blocks of the Turkuaz site, where the theme of "civilization through water" is dominant, is located by the water. The turquoise site stands out with its lush garden and colorful flowers, outdoor and indoor swimming pools for children and adults to be used in four seasons, resting areas by the pond, squares created within the site concept, walking paths and modern landscaping. Turkey's brand, this modern city on the spacious balcony doors built in Antalya, turquoise ponds, orange and lemon trees, olive groves, opens the site where the turquoise of colorful flowers.

Citizens from all over the world purchased from the mega project

Sur Yapı's Antalya Project sets an example to the whole world with its urban transformation model and smart city functions. highest after Turkey's Istanbul city brand value by adding value to the value of Antalya attracts the attention of the world's four corners. The project has become an internationally recognized reference project in terms of the demand received during the sales process and the model applied in the urban transformation process. In the mega-city built, 29 different foreign countries such as America, Korea, Russia, Germany, Azerbaijan, Norway, England, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Palestine and Germany, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Canada Turkish citizens living in 27 different countries such as Greece, Australia and Portugal made purchases from the project.

What is included in the Sur Yapı Antalya project?

The mega city stands out with its social and cultural areas.

  • 157 thousand square meter giant city park
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Worship areas
  • The mall
  • 1.3 km long shopping street
  • sports fields
  • Exhibition areas
  • Museum area
  • Technopark
  • Organic Marketplace
  • Gas station
  • Transport network - tram
  • The health clinic
  • Greenhouse area
  • Lakes and ponds
  • Event tent
  • Picnic areas
  • Rest areas
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Ornamental pools
  • Amphitheatre
  • Village square
  • Bicycle paths
  • Electric charging stations
  • Pet parks
  • Children's playgrounds
  • Picnic areas
  • Walking paths
  • Rest areas
  • Ornamental pools
  • Adventure Park
  • Village square
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Running tracks
  • Outdoor sports equipment
  • Skateboard tracks
  • Fitness areas
  • Pilates areas
  • Lemon groves
  • Cactus gardens

Sur Yapı Antalya's roads have been completed

The superstructure works of Sur Yapı Antalya Project, for which the infrastructure works were completed before, are continuing at full speed. While the turnkey deliveries are being made in the Park Stage, which has been completed, the road construction works by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality teams continue at the same speed. The teams engaged in a feverish work on the road between the blocks in the A parcel delivered and the blocks in the E parcels to be delivered, and completed the asphalt works of the two-lane round-trip road.


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