SunExpress Authorized Economic Operator Certificate Holder

SunExpress Authorized Economic Operator Certificate Holder
SunExpress Authorized Economic Operator Certificate Holder

Turkish Airlines was second after the airline SunExpress has obliged Accredited Certificate in Turkey

SunExpress, a joint venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, was awarded the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate (YSS) in September 2018, as a result of the work it designed in the last quarter of 2020 and carried out with the contributions and support of many departments within the company.

While SunExpress became the second company in the Turkish aviation sector to have the YSS certificate after Turkish Airlines, it succeeded to become one of the 4 companies that were certified with this certificate together with companies operating in the logistics sector in Antalya. As of 2020, the company has awarded 520 of this document exist for Turkey.

What is an Authorized Economic Operator Certificate?

"Authorized economic operator" whose English name is 'Authorized Economic Operator' (AEO); It is an internationally recognized status provided to reliable companies that properly implement their customs obligations, whose registration system is regular and traceable, meets financial sufficiency, safety and security standards, and can perform auto control. Some convenience and privileges are provided to companies with this status in customs applications. Therefore, the concept of authorized liable constitutes one of the main elements of the international foreign trade structure of the future.

In addition to advantages such as time and cost savings in import and export processes, positive contribution to operational capabilities, increased competitiveness in international markets, increased brand value and reliability, companies with Authorized Economic Operator Certificate also have the opportunity to benefit from status privileges in countries with mutual recognition agreements. is happening.

Today, there are 19.001 companies in the European Union and 11.605 in the United States of America that have been awarded the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate (YYS).




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