Strong Reinforcement to Bursa Transport Fleet

Strong Reinforcement to Bursa Transport Fleet
Strong Reinforcement to Bursa Transport Fleet

On the one hand, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which produces radical solutions to the transportation problem with new investments, on the other hand, continues to renew both Burulaş's buses and Private Public Buses to make public transportation more comfortable. In the last 3 years, 88 new vehicles have been added to the Burulaş fleet. kazandıran Metropolitan Municipality has awarded the tender for 85 new vehicles. kazansigned a contract with the company.

In order to prevent transportation from being a problem in Bursa, Metropolitan Municipality focuses on physical investments such as smart intersection applications, rail system signalization optimization, new roads, bridges and intersections, while on the other hand, public transportation vehicles are more attractive for citizens. Metropolitan Municipality, which has included 3 new vehicles in Burulaş in order to rejuvenate the bus fleet and make it more comfortable in the last 88 years, now includes 85 12-meter air-conditioned zero vehicles with disabled ramps and a gift vehicle of 8 meters. A contract was signed between Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş and Mustafa Demirbaş, owner of FSM Demirbaş Automotive Company, which won the tender for the new buses for 112 million TL.

Comfort is rising

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that, in order to make public transportation attractive, from the start of construction on the T2 Tram line, the transition to a single price application of 39 TL in sea transportation, from the signaling investment that will reduce the waiting times to 2 minutes in Bursaray, they have implemented important works such as microbus and BursaKart Mobile projects. told. Reminding that new roads, bridge intersections and rail system investments continue on one hand, Mayor Aktaş said, “However, we cannot completely solve the transportation problem with only these physical investments. While our population increases by 50-60 thousand every year, the number of vehicles on the traffic is constantly increasing. First of all, we need to spread the public transportation culture in Bursa. For this, we must make public transportation attractive and comfortable for our people. For this reason, we constantly create new lines and renew public transportation vehicles. After the 3 new vehicles we bought in the last 88 years, the tender process for our 85 new vehicles has now been completed and we signed a contract with the company. Our fleet will have increased to 547 vehicles with new vehicles. With these new tools, we plan to both reduce the density and feed the needed lines. "Good for our Bursa."

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