Good News for Stray Dogs IMM and Coach Signed Sympathy Protocol

Good News for Stray Dogs IMM and Coach Signed Sympathy Protocol
Good News for Stray Dogs IMM and Coach Signed Sympathy Protocol

İBB supported the smart phone application called “SemtPati” developed by businessperson and animal lover İpek Kıraç and implemented by Koç Sistem. A protocol was prepared for the application, which was implemented with the contributions of the Istanbul Chamber of Veterinarians. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu and Kıraç, citizens will be able to photograph the dogs living around them and save them in the system. At the same time, he will be able to indicate the characteristics and needs of the dog he has registered. The needs of the animals will be met by other people using the application, which will be operational for free.

Developed by businessperson and animal lover İpek Kıraç and implemented by Koç Sistem company, the smart phone application called “SemtPati” was put into service with the contributions of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Istanbul Chamber of Veterinarians. Citizens will be able to photograph the dogs living in their surroundings and save them to the system, thanks to the application they will download free of charge. At the same time, he will be able to indicate the characteristics and needs of the dog he has registered. Other people using the application will ensure that the needs of the animals are met. The protocol prepared for the “SemtPati Application” to come into effect, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu and İpek Kıraç. İmamoğlu and Kıraç made a speech at the signing ceremony held in the open air at the Istanbul Planning Agency (IPA) Campus in Florya.


Taking the first floor, Kıraç stated that he was happy to cooperate with IMM in such a project. Thanking İmamoğlu for their support, Kıraç said, “This project consists of 3 stakeholders; IMM, veterinarians and volunteers. We can only improve the lives of our street animals when we work together, as a team. For this reason, I am very grateful for the solidarity and cooperation established ”. Saying that the foundation of the project started with the increase in the number of dogs she cared for, Kıraç said, “When the number of dogs I care for reached 18 and there was no more space left due to the bags full of food in my car, it was a moment of awareness. I was doing my best, but I realized that my individual effort was no longer enough. While passing through a very difficult period as a country; "When we say economy, health, education, family, friends, siblings, neighbors, we often forget our other stakeholders, our four-legged friends, with whom we share every street and corner of this beautiful city we live in."


Emphasizing that we live with stray animals, Kıraç said, “First of all, we need to accept this and see it as a wealth. "We decided to set out 2 years ago with the aim of creating a common life culture with stray animals, an indispensable stakeholder of our city, for both ourselves and their peace." Saying, “We knew very little when we were on the road,” İpek Kıraç said:

“We thought about how we collect data. We decided to build our entire project on a mobile application called Semtpati, which we developed together with KoçSistem with a smart city approach. We aimed to identify the needs of stray animals by recording them and to support the data-based decision-making processes of local governments. Thanks to the data-based SemtPati mobile application, the records of street animals in Istanbul including 'number of animals, who feeds, who gives their medicines if necessary, which veterinarian in that region can help, what their needs such as sterilization, adoption and vaccination, physical characteristics and photographs' will be able to be kept. The neighborhood-by-neighborhood 'stray dog ​​mapping' of our entire city can also be done in this way. "


Emphasizing that every technological solution should put people at the center in order to be implemented successfully, Kıraç underlined that they ensured the establishment of a "Volunteer Initiative" in Göktürk Central District, which they determined as a pilot. The project, considering the value of active citizenship awareness Kirac stating there would be an example, "this model before Istanbul, and then hopes to expand throughout Turkey, we expect the support of all animal lovers. Mr. President, this project, which will be a milestone for street animals in our country, will come to life thanks to you. I would like to thank you again on behalf of all animal lovers for your support and sincere interest ”.


Expressing his gratitude to İpek Kıraç, who developed the project at the beginning of his speech, İmamoğlu said, "It is very pleasing to cooperate with us with such a sensitive thought towards the solution of such an important problem, not just a thought, but only a solution proposal, even a solution form." İmamoğlu continued his speech with the following words:

“Being a manager, being the conscience of a city, the most important element of making love in a city and the people there establish a good relationship with each other is to establish an environment that is fully respected, an ecosystem. Here, too, the point is not to walk alone through a person. All this love and care, to establish that network of relationships in all layers of that city. At that point, defining that process with all the living things of this city is the beginning of the process. Because being a good person is not something like that? Being a good person is actually related to the love, respect and care you cherish in your heart for the environment you live in, nature, living things, everyone, and humanity. In this sense, we attach great importance to this. This is the measure of both development as a society, as a city, and being modern. These are the criteria that will perhaps determine our level of happiness. "


urbanization is a new concept that underlines İmamoğlu in Turkey, he said:

“We are a community that is just getting used to the city, it should be underlined. map migration in Turkey, especially urbanization can reveal how stuck in the last 20-30 years. Recently, some hard data impressed me. 18 percent of Istanbul's population over the age of 72 is not born in Istanbul. When you look at it, we are almost all new Istanbulites. We are also the new individuals of urbanization. In such an environment, we forget that most of the time: the rapid urbanization in Turkey, of which the largest sample Istanbul--perhaps the first victim during live, especially live on the streets; especially dogs. Because we can transform their natural environments into huge sites, districts and even districts in a few years. This, of course, creates a severe incompatibility. People who moved there yesterday scream 'What are these stray animals doing here, collect them?' Street creatures are also struggling to survive. There is a perception in the world; it is as if you will build thousands, tens of thousands of capacity shelters everywhere; you're going to stuff the dogs in there. Neither law nor human beings allow this. Respect for the living does not allow this either. In this sense, we needed absolute practical implementations that would solve the problems of local governments stuck in such a way. "


Pointing out that the message given by the application is a lot of people, İmamoğlu said, “I think the sensitivity put forth under the leadership of our businessperson, Mr. İpek Kıraç, puts the conscience of the society into action and a system that should be educated or acquired at this point. I think the main reason for the conflict I just described is lack of serious knowledge. It is up to us to be the moderator to inform and educate everyone correctly, their rights, laws and in this way to manage the process. Therefore, the task of local governments is great. In this sense, we have a lot of work to do. It is an important problem of Istanbul. "We have a lot of work," saying that I both enlarge my responsibility and frankly, I want to increase the responsibilities of Mrs. İpek Kıraç, who took this precious big step, and our animal lovers like her.


Pointing out that the issue of adopting stray animals is important, İmamoğlu said, “If this does not happen, we, as municipalities, have no chance to solve this anyway. This is a social event. We also believe in appropriation. In the meantime, we started our affiliates. I said it on my last visit; Each of our affiliates, companies and units will definitely own dogs as much as their area is appropriate. We gave this instruction. Our friends, our General Secretary and our other affiliates, are sensitive to this issue. Our wish; the fact that all our citizens download and download this SemtPati application, and it will be able to act alone at the point of determining the status of stray dogs. We care about this. We always welcome our citizens who want to volunteer. In this regard, of course, we have volunteer friends who have devoted themselves to this work for years. Their contributions are also important. We also have volunteer networks, and we care about their contribution to the process ”.


İmamoğlu concluded his speech with the following words:

“We want, together with our tens of thousands of fellow countrymen, to have a mechanism that works in an integrated manner, intervenes immediately without experiencing any adverse situations and produces immediate solutions. Of course, we will be able to do these processes immediately, whether the dogs are vaccinated or neutered when necessary. We are carrying out the pilot application with our friends, including İpek Hanım, in Göktürk Mahallesi in Eyüpsultan district with the guidance. I hope we want to spread this to all of Istanbul within 6 months. SemtPati is obviously a very valuable smart city application that has been taken to improve and beautify the city life of digital technology. We applaud this aspect as well. At the same time, it is a very valuable example of local participation and democracy with elements such as protecting the citizens, the district, the city, and controlling the services in all matters. We will endeavor to use technology, especially to develop democracy, increase participation, and create an atmosphere that makes every part of this city feel that we all belong to us, including the beautiful environment. "


Following the speeches, İmamoğlu and Kıraç signed the protocol that started the SemtPati application. Following the signing ceremony, President of the Istanbul Chamber of Veterinary Medicine Prof. Dr. A memory photo was taken with the participation of Murat Arslan. İmamoğlu and Kıraç visited the puppy owned by İPA and named "Latte" in the area specially created for him.

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