Sincan OSB Yenikent Industrial Site Road Opened to Traffic

Sincan OSB Yenikent Industrial Site Road Opened to Traffic
Sincan OSB Yenikent Industrial Site Road Opened to Traffic

The people of the capital meet one by one with the transportation projects of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş. Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented important projects that relieve the capital's traffic and provide safe driving with new roads, intersections and underpasses, has recently completed the road expansion works of Sincan Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) -Yenikent Industrial Site.

With the opening of the 4 thousand-meter road to traffic, the round trip from Akköprü to the exit of Yenikent became Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard (Istanbul Road) with 4 lanes. Mayor Yavaş said, “There has been a traffic jam on the Sincan OSB-Yenikent road for years, and human life was being put at risk. We completed our work, we opened our way to service. "Next is the intersection with the level of Başer Crossroad-Ayaş Road connection."

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, makes the traffic of Başkent safer with the new road, intersection and underpass projects it has realized in the center and districts.

Mayor Yavaş, who brings together the capitalists with new transportation projects one after another and says that the project priorities are 'human life and human health', adds a new one to the ongoing activities every day. The Metropolitan Municipality has finally completed the round-trip road widening works of 4 thousand meters (4 km) between Sincan OIZ Junction and Yenikent Industrial Site Interchange, which will breathe Ankara traffic.


Drawing attention to the importance of safe road works through his social media accounts and giving the good news of a new multi-storey intersection, Mayor Yavaş addressed the citizens of the capital with the following words:

“Sincan OSB-Yenikent road has been experiencing traffic congestion for years, putting human life at risk. We have completed our work, we opened our 4 thousand-meter round-trip 4-lane road. Next, we will work on the multi-storey intersection of Başer Crossroad-Ayaş Road connection. "

Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, following the statements of Mayor Yavaş, started to work for the multi-storey intersection (Başer Junction) to be built at the connection of Devrimciler Caddesi-Ayaş road. The Department of Science Affairs, which has completed the two-bridge junction work on Türk Kızılay Caddesi, will soon start work on Etimesgut İstasyon Caddesi.


The route between Sincan OIZ Junction and Yenikent Industrial Site Junction, where the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs teams started in August, was opened to traffic in a short time.

With the completion of the road expansion works, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard (Istanbul Road) became 4 lanes from Akköprü to the Yenikent exit. With the transportation projects implemented by Mayor Yavaş, comfortable and safe transportation in Başkent will provide fuel savings and thus the national economy will gain.


While the works initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality to end the traffic density of Ayaş Road are progressing step by step, Başkent residents; There will be no traffic jams in the direction of Ayaş, Güdül and Beypazarı from now on.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to prevent accidents thanks to the uninterrupted traffic flow, will also relieve the traffic of the region to a great extent. Local residents and tradesmen, who have suffered from traffic for many years, stated that they will not wait in traffic for hours after the road is opened and shared their thoughts with the following words:

  • Kemal Doli: “I have been living in Yenikent for 16 years. With the infrastructure and superstructure investments made in Yenikent, both flat prices increased and the face of Yenikent changed. I wouldn't have thought that such a service would be made in Yenikent. This has become one of the most beautiful districts of Ankara. We are very happy, very pleased. Mansur President has done a full public service without any discrimination. We thank him very much for the services he brought here. "
  • Harun Taspinar: “I live in Yenikent. We had a road like a highway consisting of 8 lanes. Studies continue on other roads. We are very satisfied with these. As the taxi driver, we thank the Metropolitan Municipality. "
  • Koray Yuksel: “The fact that the road is more fluid is a factor that prevents traffic accidents. We were having trouble in the morning and evening hours. With the current service, all traffic congestion is a thing of the past. "
  • Hakan Arun: “I have been living in Yenikent for 7 years. Traffic density has increased in proportion to the population growth. Whenever there was an accident or a minor car breakdown on this road, we were in great trouble. Thank you to everyone who contributed."
  • Ramadan Taskin: “I work as a minibus driver in Sincan. The road to Yenikent has been a great benefit to the region by relieving the traffic. The road, which used to be 2 departures and 2 arrivals, is now arranged as 4 departures and 4 arrivals. We would like to express our gratitude to our President Mr. Mansur Yavaş and wish them success in their work.

The teams of the Department of Science Affairs will also complete the pavement and lighting works in the region in a short time.

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