Transparent Panel Application Attracts Intense Interest From Transportation Sector Tradesmen

Transparent Panel Application Attracts Intense Interest From Transportation Sector Tradesmen
Transparent Panel Application Attracts Intense Interest From Transportation Sector Tradesmen

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's mobilization to combat the coronavirus epidemic continues. The free transparent cabin application started by President Yavaş in Başkent in order to protect the health of driver tradesmen and citizens is increasingly widespread. While the transport sector tradesmen showed great interest in the practice in districts outside the city center, the Metropolitan Municipality recently installed transparent cabins for minibuses, shuttle vehicles and taxis in Polatlı and Beypazarı.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has been working to protect public health since the first day of the coronavirus epidemic, continues by diversifying the measures it has taken.

Transportation sector tradesmen show great interest in the free transparent cabin application initiated by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş to protect public health.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which also evaluates the demands from the surrounding districts besides the central districts, finally fulfilled the request of the driver trades of Polatlı and Beypazarı for the application of transparent panels.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, responding to the request of the Polatlı Chamber of Drivers for a protective cabin application, installed 95 minibuses, 150 shuttle vehicles and 90 taxi cabs with transparent cabins.


Visiting Mayor of Polatlı Mürsel Yıldızkaya within the scope of hygiene support and transparent cabin application, Mustafa Koç, Head of Police Department, pointed out that the tradesmen of the transportation sector made extensive applications to benefit from the application and gave the following information:

“Upon the request of the Polatlı Chamber of Drivers, we installed a transparent cabin on 95 minibuses, 150 service vehicles and 90 taxis. We also provided mask and disinfectant support. While we were there, we visited the tradesmen in the bazaar and gave them warning information about the process and distributed hygiene packages. After Polatlı, we installed transparent cabins in 44 taxis serving in Beypazarı. With all our means, we will continue to stand by our citizens from Ankara in the face of the difficulties of the process. We also ask our citizens to fulfill their personal responsibilities so that all these efforts are not in vain. I hope we will bring Ankara a beautiful autumn. "


Within the scope of the fight against coronavirus, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams, which continue to work for the health of the public, also provided hygiene package support to Polatlı Municipality and tradesmen.

Ankara Police distributed 250 disinfectants and nearly 15 thousand masks for the use of district tradesmen, especially the Polatlı Municipality.

The drivers from Polatlı thanked the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş and his team for their support in every aspect during the pandemic process, and shared their thoughts with the following words:

  • İsmail Tarhan (Chairman of Polatlı Drivers and Automobile Tradesmen Chamber): “After the application we made to our Mansur President during the epidemic, 95 minibuses, 150 service vehicles and 90 taxi cabs were built. Therefore, I would like to thank our President, Police Department Head and everyone who contributed. "
  • Kadir Gür: "I would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who quickly responded to the request of our Chairman of the Polatlı Chamber of Drivers and installed a transparent cabin on our vehicles."
  • Kismet Atun: "God bless the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş, who ensured a safer journey for us and passengers by installing transparent cabins on our vehicles."


After completing their work for tradesmen and citizens in Polatlı, the teams of the Police Department, who moved to Beypazarı, distributed nearly 5 thousand masks to the people of the district and installed a driver's protective cabin in 44 taxis serving in the district.

Bekir Çetin, one of the taxi drivers who said that they and the passengers will travel with peace of mind because of the transparent cabins on their vehicles, said, “I am a taxi driver in Beypazarı. Our Mansur President sent his team up here for the health of us and the citizens and had our vehicles fitted with a transparent cabin. While saying God bless everyone who has contributed, Mithat Temiz, another taxi driver, thanked our President Mansur Yavaş, who brought a transparent cabin and installed our vehicles without coming to Ankara.

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