Rıfat Uslu Street Opened as a Double Road

Rıfat Uslu Street Opened as a Double Road
Rıfat Uslu Street Opened as a Double Road

The Metropolitan Municipality solved the road problem on Rıfat Uslu Street, which is one of the chronic problems of Mersin and suffered citizens. Metropolitan teams completed the asphalt work on the street in question and recently opened the street to traffic. The traffic problem, which has been experienced for years at the intersection of Kuvayi Milliye, Gözne and Rıfat Uslu streets, has thus come to an end.

After the works of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department teams, Toroslar District Akbelen District, Milli Mücahit Rıfat Uslu Street, which suffered citizens because it could not be done due to the expropriation problem, was put into service as a double road.

2 thousand 300 tons of BSK was manufactured

Prior to the work carried out by the metropolitan teams on the street, drivers traveling from west to east on the third ring road were blocked in the area in question, continuing the road from alternative side streets. Within the scope of the work of the road construction, maintenance and repair teams, 350 tons of BSK was fabricated for the 27 meter long and 2 meter wide road. 300 tons of this was poured as binder and 1300 tons as abrasion. 1000 thousand tons of basic materials were used in the works.

In addition, 2 thousand square meters of flooring was made on the road where bi-directional pavement was manufactured. A total of 300 thousand 2 meters of borders were fabricated in both directions in the central median of 200 meters.

Mayor Seçer recently made observations on Rıfat Uslu Street.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer visited Rıfat Uslu Street, which was opened as a double road by the Metropolitan Municipality in Toroslar, where he went during his district visits. The residents of the neighborhood expressed their gratitude to Mayor Seçer for the work during the investigation.

"The 30-year ordeal waiting is over"

Saying that they have been waiting for the construction of the street for 30 years, Yusuf Kılıç Neighborhood Headman Muhammet Akça stated that since his youth there are rumors that the road will be built, “It was a road that our citizens longed to open for 30 years. This is where road construction works started in a very short time with the instructions of our President, Mr. Vahap Seçer. In the end, it was a good job. At the end of 30 years, this work was given to our Chairman Vahap Seçer. The painful wait is over. In addition, MESKI teams recently renewed the infrastructure on our 217th street, which is the bleeding wound of our neighborhood and where we have a rainwater problem. They did a great job. I sincerely thank our Vahap President. The opening of this road was like a mountain on our shoulders. Our president lifted this mountain, ”he said.

"We have a way that will suit our neighborhood"

Akbelen Neighborhood Headman Seyhan Teyyar stated that the works carried out have relieved the traffic of many neighborhoods and said, “We thank our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor. It was a good work. Our path has widened. Crossings on the road are now more comfortable. It was troublesome for us before. When our roads and pavements are beautiful, our people can reach them more comfortably. When we look from the traffic perspective, it is a more convenient transportation. We had a way that would suit our neighborhood. Our roads and sidewalks are being built and renewed ”.

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