Railwaymen Celebrate the 97th Anniversary of the Republic with Proud and Honor

Railways Celebrate the 97th Anniversary of the Republic with Pride and Honor
Railways Celebrate the 97th Anniversary of the Republic with Pride and Honor

It has been 97 years since the proclamation of our Republic. In our War of Independence, we, like all patriots, worked on the way of our army to supply weapons, supplies and food by risking death in the war for full independence.

With all the important developments in our country since October 29, 1923, the welfare level of our country has improved, and we have come to a position to compete with developed countries with the investments made.

In our 164-year-old deep-rooted past, today, railroaders sweat for the welfare, resilience and success of our country to move our country forward alongside our people, industrialists and exporters.

It is our greatest duty to keep our Republic, which we declared by sacrificing our lives 97 years ago, to wave our crescent and star flag shaped with blood spilled on the ground in the skies forever, and to protect and sustain our economic and political independence forever.

As TCDD Tasimacilik family, we are aware of the responsibility entrusted to us from our martyrs and veterans. With the awareness of the sacredness of serving the Aziz nation inside and outside the country; We will continue to work with all our strength to raise and glorify our country with faith and determination.

With these feelings and thoughts, I commemorate all the heroes of our War of Independence, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic, and all our martyrs and veterans who were immortalized in the hearts of our nation with their sacrifices, I celebrate October 29 Republic Day with my sincere feelings and I present my respects. (Kamuran Yazıcı - General Manager of TCDD Transport and Chairman of the Board)


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