QR Code Plate Created for Domestic Cars

QR Code Plate Created for Domestic Cars
QR Code Plate Created for Domestic Cars

Turkey, which is one of the issues that have long talked about the domestic automakers experienced a remarkable development. A French-based Turkish company created a QR code plate for the domestic car. The company official, who said that he can perform this service for all vehicles across the country, stated that all the information of the vehicle is included in the QR code, thus making the work of the police forces easier.

Making a statement about the projects, Abdullah Demirbaş, Chairman of the Board of the company, said that with the developed system, all information of the vehicle can be accessed via the QR code. Stating that the license plate, license, insurance and inspection information can be examined in this way, Demirbaş stated that stolen vehicles can be detected more easily with the QR-coded plates.

Demirbaş says that they first implemented the QR coded plate project two years ago. Starting work at the request of a country that they launched the QR-coded plates managers, you can also develop such a project for Turkey and even says that they will be able to export to other countries. According to Demirbaş, the QR-coded plate can be used first in a domestic automobile.

Günceleme: 07/10/2020 12:34

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