Qatar Airways Delivers Three More Airbus A350-1000s

Qatar Airways Delivers Three More Airbus A350-1000s
Qatar Airways Delivers Three More Airbus A350-1000s

With this delivery, Qatar Airways' Airbus A350 fleet has reached 52. The airline's forward-thinking strategic investment in twin-engine, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft has enabled it to continue to fly through the crisis and lead the sustainable growth of global aviation.

The airline carries out its operations with its young and mixed fleet by offering flexible travel options to its passengers via Hamad International Airport, which is selected as the Best Airport in the Middle East.

DOHA, Qatar - Qatar Airways increased the number of A3s in its fleet to 350 with the 1000 Airbus A350-52s delivered today, and retained its title as the airline with the largest A350 fleet. All 3 A350-1000 received were equipped with Qsuite, the airline's award-winning Business Class seat. This fleet will fly strategic long-distance routes to Africa, America, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker: “Qatar Airways is one of the few global airlines that has never stopped flying during the crisis and continues to take delivery of new aircraft. Our strategic investment in modern, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly twin-engine aircraft has enabled us to safely take millions of people home and continue flying, with more than 37.000 flights since the beginning of the pandemic. Due to the negative impact of COVID-19 on travel demand, we will continue to keep our Airbus A380 fleet on the ground and create more environmentally friendly and clever solutions such as the A380, as it makes no commercial or environmental sense to use a large aircraft such as the Airbus A350 in the current market.

“Environmentally conscious passengers can be confident that Qatar Airways is operating the most efficient aircraft for each route and is constantly evaluating both passenger and cargo demand to ensure this. Qatar Airways offers travel flexibility with a fleet of diverse aircraft types that allow passengers to travel whenever they want, rather than flying large and wide-body aircraft due to limited aircraft options. He spoke in the form.

Passengers traveling on Qatar Airways' state-of-the-art Airbus A350-1000 aircraft can enjoy the following privileges:

  • Widest cabin body in its class with larger windows creating an extra spacious feeling.
    Most generous private space and widest seats in its class
  • Advanced air cleaning system technology providing optimum cabin air quality by refreshing the air every two to three minutes for more comfort and less fatigue. (HEPA filters)
  • LED cabin lighting that mimics natural sunrise and sunset to help reduce jet lag effects
  • The quietest cabin on a double aisle airplane for a more peaceful journey

Qatar Airways also stands out with its security measures. The onboard security measures it provides include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for cabin crew and a free protective kit for passengers and disposable face shields. On aircraft equipped with Qsuite, Business Class passengers can enjoy a wealth of personal space and freedom, including the option to use the privacy-enhancing moving parts of this award-winning seat and the “Do Not Disturb” indicator. Qsuite; It is available on flights to more than 30 destinations, including Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur, London and New York. For full details of the measures implemented You can visit.

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