Project of the Century Marmaray Moved More Than 7 Million Passengers in 500 Years

Project of the Century Marmaray Moved More Than 7 Million Passengers in 500 Years
Project of the Century Marmaray Moved More Than 7 Million Passengers in 500 Years

More than 7 million passengers were transported in 500 years from Marmaray, which combines the Asian and European sides under the sea and is described as the "Project of the Century".

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Marmaray was first put into service at Kazlıçeşme - Ayrılık Çeşmesi section on 29 October 2013, and as of 13 March 2019. HalkalıIt was put into operation between Gebze.

More than 7 million passengers traveled between Asia and Europe in four minutes with confidence and comfort in Marmaray, which has been 502 years since its introduction and preferred by more and more people every year. Used by 9 million passengers in the year it was opened, 2018 million passengers were transported in 68 and 2019 million in 124.

Marmaray trains serving a 14 kilometer route with a total of 29 stations, 43 on the European side and 76,6 on the Anatolian side, Halkalı-Gabze-Halkalı between 15 minutes and Maltepe-Zeytinburnu-Maltepe at 8-minute intervals.

In Marmaray, which can carry 3 thousand 56 people at a time, with sets of 10 wagons, 6 trips in 333 days between Mondays and Saturdays and 249 trips on Sunday, the average number of passengers reached 19 thousand before the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-450) epidemic, during the epidemic period The average number of passengers per day decreased to 240 thousand.

Marmaray trains, between 29 October 2013 and 11 March 2019, 5 thousand 526 flights in total at 297 stations in the Ayrılık Çeşmesi - Kazlıçeşme section, as of 12 March 2019 Halkalı- Made a total of 43 thousand 171 trips at 232 stations on the Gebze line.

Marmaray trains have made 697 thousand 529 trips since the day it was opened. Thus, it traveled a total of 367 million 14 thousand kilometers, which corresponds to traveling around the world 700 times.

Marmaray is integrated with other urban transportation modes

Marmaray is the backbone of Istanbul's urban transportation network. The goal of Marmaray, which is integrated with other systems, is to reach 1 million passengers per day. Marmaray also provides great convenience for intercity passenger transportation. By high speed trains HalkalıIt has become possible to reach up to.

The distribution of the total passengers transported to date was 16,89% Yenikapı, 13,61% Üsküdar, 8,99% Sirkeci, 7,79% Separation Fountain.

In addition to all these, uninterrupted transportation from Beijing to London is provided by Marmaray. Last year and this year was the milestone in domestic and international freight transport in Marmaray. The first transit train transit between China and Europe from Marmaray, which enables uninterrupted passenger and freight transportation between Asia and Europe, was realized in November 2019.

Since the day it began operating out of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line between 8 blocks China-Turkey-Europe container train service was held. In addition, domestic freight trains started to cross from Anatolia to Europe using the Marmaray Tube Crossing.

The loads that were previously transported from the production centers of Anatolia to Derince by train, from Derince by ferry and then to the industrial facilities in Çorlu, now pass through Marmaray and reach their destination without transferring and changing vehicles. In this way, the logistics costs of industrialists, manufacturers and exporters will decrease and their competitiveness will increase.

In this context, the freight train carrying plastic raw materials from Gaziantep to Çorlu passed through Marmaray on May 8, 2020. The domestic freight train, which is about 400 meters long and weighs 1200 tons, reached Çorlu on May 9.

The total number of domestic and international freight trains from Marmaray has reached 328, and the amount of freight transported by these trains has reached 142 thousand tons.

Map of Marmaray

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